AT&T Post iPhone 3G Info

AT&TLots of good info here. Mainly the pricing for no contract iPhones are $599 & $699 (coming soon). For early upgrades the price is $399 & $499. If you currently have an iPhone or are upgrade eligible you will pay $199 & $299. Also, current AT&T customers are also charged a $18 upgrade fee.

If you’re new to AT&T you’ll need a photo ID and Social Security Number. A deposit may be required at time of purchase, upon credit review. An activation fee of $36 will be billed to your account and a 2 year contract is required. You can speed things up by visiting the AT&T store before the July 11th launch to run a pre-qualifying credit check.

To see more AT&T info on the iPhone 3G see this article on AT&T’s website.

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  1. Cramster911 says

    I started a 2 year contract when I first started using AT&T when I got my new iPhone last August. I recently sold my iPhone so I can get the new one. I will be paying 299 for the 16gb, correct?

  2. Thank you ATT.. I’ll will be staying with my old iphone .NOt worth it

  3. this can not be true

  4. Cramster911 says

    its not worth selling your 2G on ebay for 400 and then getting a brand new 3G wiht twice the memory for 299 and only 9.99 more a month? uhmmm okkk guy, you have fun waiting minutes for complex web pages to load when i load the same web pages in seconds.

  5. haha so ironic, apple and att are making the first iphone the most valuable phone on the market. 2.0 + jailbreaking here i come!

  6. Current iPhone customers can upgrade for $199 or $299 right? The early equipment upgrade is if you have a phone from ATT other than the iPhone. I hope I’m reading this right.