Rogers Responds, Still No Unlimited

We got this email this morning from MS&L Digital speaking for Rogers. From what I could tell, there is still no unlimited data plan. Let us know if this helps the situation any or are you still upset with the plans from Rogers.

My name is Daniel DeMoss and I’m writing on behalf of Rogers to give you some additional information about the Rogers rate plans available for the iPhone.

The iPhone 3G bundles released June 27 are not the only price plans available to customers, they are the high value plans that allow Rogers customers to use the device to its fullest and offer considerable savings over separate voice and data plans that exist in market today.

That said, Rogers customers have more choices available to them and can use their existing voice and smartphone data plans if they wish. For example, they can select from the new data pricing (ranging from $30 for 300MB to $100 for 6GB or $50 Flex Rate plan) and add a voice plan, or they can choose a combined voice and data plan to best suit their individual needs.

Customers are not required to take the value packs, and can order most other features a la carte, such as $7 for Caller ID.

Existing customers can keep their existing voice service plan and pick a separate data plan (not in the iPhone 3G bundle) to meet their needs. They will need to check their upgrade eligibility, but any customer with a monthly service fee that is over $30 can upgrade to an iPhone 3G at $199 (for the 8GB model). Other options outside the iPhone bundle may be available depending on the customer’s individual information.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to help you.


Daniel DeMoss
Assistant Account Executive | MS&L Digital
115 W. Liberty St., Suite 200 | Ann Arbor, MI 48104
office: 734.214.1550 x127 | fax: 734.214.1551

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  1. Hi Guyz!
    This is a letter that’s been submitted to all of the website/blogs that are out there, regarding the IPhone.
    I know that another site I belong to, called IPhone in Canada, that he’s specifically trying 2 establish whether or not this is a valid email or not, considering that apparently Rogers already has their own PR firm.
    I guess time will tell?
    I just wanted to say a ‘huge thank u’ for remembering all of us loyal Canadian website members of AppleIPhoneSchool.
    That is really thoughtful & so kind of you!
    Thank u, thank u, thank u…..
    I should also mention, I do a live Talkcast,with a couple of other really awesome guyz, thru IPhone in Canada, on Sunday evenings live, that then is available for download thru ITunes.
    Just wanted 2 let u know that I ‘plug’ ur website on our Talkcast, @ least a couple of times a week, becuz I think ur site is that awesome!
    Happy July 4th(Impending)!
    Mystique :)

  2. All I can say is that I called Rogers yesterday and they said : Yes, you can take the 300Mb plan for 30$ plus a voice plan with your iPhone…. I asked if I upgraded to the 3G, would I be able to keep this plan ? The rep said: “oh yes… You can take whatever plan you want with the 3G iphone!”

    So the email you received seems consistent with my infos….

    • I have a link here…..doesn’t have much to do with the IPhone Data plan but rather, it’s been written (obviously), by someone who’s a CSR (Customer Service Representative) of Roger’s.
      He/She states over & over in this post, that all things that are offered by Roger’s, completely depend on what CSR u get, what time of day it is, how the wind’s blowing (lol) & how generous/well-informed/knowledgeable that CSR u get is regarding the policies/procedures regarding the Data plans.
      This article actually talks about the very secretive ‘Retention Plans’ that apparently are available to longer standing Roger’s Customers who threaten 2 leave Roger’s becuz they’re ‘unhappy’.
      Certainly worth a read (it’s not long) & I know, on the other forum I belong to, this ‘retention’ plan does truthfully exist.
      The link is:
      Again, I think it depends on whom u get on the phone as a CSR.
      Cheers :)

  3. atrophic says

    Dear Customers,

    You misunderstood our release of plan information. We have many other undesirable plans for you to choose from.

    – Rogers

    • ROTFLMAO……Seriously, took me a minute, had 2 re-read this a few times then……broke out in peals of laughter.
      Soooooo,sooooo,soooooo true! LOL

  4. WOW thats just horrible if this is true then Rogers sucks even more there current plans are even worse then the iPhone plans how does that help the consumer out at all plus if you take a current voice plan would you get the visual voice mail?

  5. This is the new URL to :

  6. Alistair says

    Rogers is a Canadian company, why would they have a US based Assistant Account Executive? Is it just me?


    • Da187suspect says

      I was going to say the same thing. A good friend of mine who works at Rogers head office here in Toronto said it’s highly unlikely.