Fix IntelliScreen + Kate

IntelliScreen Ever since I updated IntelliScreen to 1.07 and 1.08, Kate has not shown up in my Settings. It took me a while to figure what was causing the issue with Kate, I finally realized it was IntelliScreen. I personally am a huge fan of both Kate and InteliiScreen so, I was bummed that they were conflicting. However, thanks to a comment from JW, I found out that I could do some editing of my file and fix the problem! Well, I finally had a change to test it out and it worked great!! Here is what you need to do if you are having the same problem.

1. You will need to be able to SSH into your iPhone.

2. Find the file on your iPhone. It is located in the System/Library/LaunchDaemons folder.

3. Drag the file off of your iPhone and onto to your computer. You will want to change the name of the file to System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ (original) or something similar. That way, you can keep it as a back-up of the original file….just in case!

4. Open the System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ file you saved on your computer with any code editing software (I used Miscrosoft FrontPage).

5. Once it is open, find the part in the code that looks like this – /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreen:/Library/Frameworks/SummerBoard.framework
Note: There will be other code in front and behind it but, you only need to worry about this section.

6. Delete the bold section of the code shown below. /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreen:/Library/Frameworks/SummerBoard.framework

7. Replace the section you deleted with this –

8. The code should now look like this –


10. Drag the that you edited and saved back into the System/Library/LaunchDaemons folder on your iPhone.

11. Restart your iPhone and check your Settings…RiP Dev should show up now!

This worked for me. I was able to use both Kate and IntelliScreen like normal.

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  1. thanks for posting this. whoever wrote this pleas email me. i made a widget for your site and i would like to show you.

    • well explain the widget. You have been posting that for a wile. We the readers of iPhone apple school want to know about it?

    • Sure. Its A Quick Rss feed widget. nothing fancy. just a simple widget. Red And Blue, has the iphone school logo on it.

    • thanks

  2. Ricardo Felix says

    Thank You Brooke! it worked!
    please dont forget to put ”By Ricardo Felix” on the Zunda Theme Article.
    Glad you like it, my next realise containt more than 450 icons!

  3. Brooke, when you delete the Summerboard.dylib is summerboard still working?
    or is Kate taking the part of Summerboard?

    and another question *g when i use Customize2 with Summerboard, will be this a conflict

    Summerboard is necessary that Customize will work?

    can you explain this a bit more please.

    • First: It’s Springboard.dylib, not Summerboard.dylib…
      Second: Don’t delete anything, just edit it. (make a Original copy first)

      The above will also work if you are having issue’s with KATE and: iBlacklist, MCleaner, iToday, Ringtones, etc.

      Just the app will be different, Interlliscreen = iBlacklist, or etc.

    • uhm Springboard.plist but it´s still /Library/Frameworks/SummerBoard.framework

      SummerBoard.dylib thats why i´m asking, i think Summberboard has to be in startupliste, to fix:

      1. more than 50 Apps issue
      2. and the Themeing things

      am i wrong??

    • jrentzke says

      You should not take the summerboard framework out. The reason kate was not showing up was just because MobileEnhancer was not in the string. You only need to add that. People with more than 75+ apps will end up with an apple logo spinning wheel after restart.

  4. JW and Brooke, thanks for the walk through. manage to make both Kate and Intelliscreen work.

    Any feedback on Videotone with these two? Videotone worked fine without Intelliscreen for me.

    Would appreciate some tips on this one. thanks again.

  5. Use this to convert the .plist to xml –