AgileMessenger 1.0.20

AgileMessenger The only change I notice with the update to version 1.0.20 of AgileMessenger is that there is now a Code Page option in the Preferences feature in the main menu. It allows you to change the national character encoding option for ICQ. When selected, you will get a list of all the Code Page options. Let me know in the comments about any other changes you might see. AgileMessenger is available through the ModMyiFone source.

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  1. It also fixes the muffled sound problem. At least, it did on mine.

  2. Piotr.pot says

    Jabber protocol not working for me. Anyone have the same problem?

  3. Bernardo Lima says

    This is the best IM program for the iPhone..

    it’s the only one that doesn’t take long minutes to load big contact lists..

  4. Hi Brooke,
    This update to AgileMessenger fixes an important bug: if a contact’s nickname was too long, it’d overlap the ‘Menu’ button, making it unusable. Now, it stops right where the button is located.

    By the way, i’ve been having some random crashes on this app. Does that happen to other users or just me?

    • Yes, it crashes randomly for me also. When I either double tap to start a chat, or tap the arrow and touch send message. It crashes then.

    • Also crashes for me randomly as well.

  5. It also solve the long named problem wich hid the menu button and make impossible the possibility to close window’s contact.
    And for me, it makes the app faster!.

  6. will this app go to the appstore

  7. most beautiful chat client !!!
    wish there was SIP client with such a “zen” UI

  8. DBeagoez says

    I used yahoo msg
    but all of my contact wont appears
    please help me
    how can I solve that problem
    thak you

  9. eat your heart out mobilechat

  10. why this version doesn’t show all my contacts.. it is all gone. im sure it was working before. what happened? please help

    • same for me also. Only some of my contacts are listed even when its supposed to show offline. Tried altering groups and I havent been able to find a way to put it right.

      Previous version didn’t seem to have the issue

    • I’m having the same problem. Online contacts won’t show up and all but 6 of my offline contacts don’t show up. More do a downgrade than an upgrade I’d say.

    • how do we install 1.0.16 or 1.0.18? I tried to install it manually but it doesn’t run on my 1.1.4. The app is closing after being executed.

    • I had to revert back to 1.0.18 to get my Yahoo contacts to show. Unfortunately I lost the link to the rar file for 1.0.18, but it’s on a russian site (so downloader beware), and had to do a manual install using WinSCP. But I’m happy that I can now use Agile Messenger again and have my full contacts.

  11. It doesn’t crash anymore, when you hit ‘Send Message’. So I guess, there were some bug fixes.

  12. MSN and ICQ works fine, GoogleTalk is also connected but has no own Tab in Bar?

    Somebody the has similiar problems?

  13. I just realised, they are using us as guinea pigs to test this out. And once its out, they are gonna charge $45 or more for this….. Bah that sucks..

  14. Ballbreaker says

    I cant connect to MSN and yahoo ! but google talk is working.

  15. I can’t block users in the msn, everybody appers active !!!

    Cómo hago para bloquear usuarios en el MSN? Cuando abro con si me respeta la gente que tengo blokeada, pero con agilemessenger todos me aparecen activos ! Qué puedo hacer?

    • Pierrick says

      Pienso que debes blokear los contactos que no quieres y que les supprimes a partir de MSN…
      Pero no se!!!
      Intenta asi…

  16. does anyone knows how to fix the contacts problem?…all gone(yahoo messenger)

  17. few bugs fixes including the big ones, the sound problem and the contact nickname.

    this app will never be seen in the app store since it violates apples struck policy and rules on 3rd party apps no running in the background and during sleep.

    Intellisync is another example of an app you
    will never see in the app store. Apple wants to be sure they can keep the iPhone hostage and on lockdown.

    This is by far the best chat app…time will tell how it will affect my battery life however.

    • It was announced a long time ago(WWDC June 9th) that push service will take the place of background applications. This way, the program isn’t running, but you’re still signed on…exactly like SMS.

      That’s why you’ll see AIM in the app store. Until setember, IM apps will simply log you out when you quit (except mobilechat which figured out a way to kind of run in the background by queuing messages when you quit the application)

    • What do you mean this runs in the background??? I exit the program from its menu…doesn’t that shut it down completely?!

  18. Works fine after the downgrade.

  19. I love this app!! Glad it’s finally here…

  20. hey…it also upload my ignore list. How to delete all these names?

  21. Anyone else getting a error “package download failed?” I had the previous version loaded and was getting the same error when try to update to the latest. So I removed the old version and tried to install the new one only to get the above error. I’ve turned off and back on but still get the same error. HELP!

  22. Can anyone advise me on the why All of my contacts are not showning up on this program in the yahoo tab?

  23. Am I the only one who can’t log in using MSN using my main email?

    It says my username/password is incorrect when they’re not….

    But my secondary email works fine….

  24. I’m using the app with msn and it’s great, the only problem is that i can’t change my nickname using the app and it appears a very old nickname that i used to have. Do you know something i can do to change my nickname using the app?

  25. how can i download it?

  26. There is a new update for this AgileMessenger Version 1.0.22 …has anyone downloaded this? What are the changes please/ I don’t want to update because Im worried they are going to start charging for this great app!

  27. 1.0.22 does not seem to make much difference for me. And it is still free for the time being. Don’t worry, once all the bugs are ironed out, pretty certain Agile messenger for iphone will not be free. It has not been free for symbian S60, so unless agile messenger for iphone has major sponsorship, one will expect it to be pay software at sometime.

    Refraining from updating to the latest version of agile messenger will not prevent them from stopping one from logging in for free. The Agile messenger program does not connect directly to the respective servers but rather through a bypass agile server. This way they can control who is allowed to log in or not.

    Enjoy Agile messenger for free while you can, meanwhile, install fring for iphone as a backup, as wel know this software is truely free and has some sponsorship to keep it free.


  28. Please anyone lets me know if the current version works on the “1st gen. iPhone” with 2.0 firmware

  29. please give me sources for agile messenger, for iphone 3g 2.2

    cydia sources please


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