Maverick Software – 4 App Store Apps

Maverick SoftwareMaverick Software has developed 4 application; Comet Cowboy, Yulan Mahjong Solitaire, Snowglobe and Blip Solitaire. All four apps will be available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch via the AppStore. Below is a description and screenshots for each application.

Comet Cowboy

Comet Cowboy

Comet Cowboy is a completely original iPhone game that uses the multi-touch screen to send you on a mining expedition in outer space. Features include:
    • Draw a lasso around comets as they sail by, capturing and mining them
    • Move around a vast star field with the flick of your finger
    • Mine enough comets in the time limit to move on to more challenging levels
    • Capture the mysterious “dark matter” comets
    • Automatic save if you get a call or need to switch to another app
    • High score list
    • Only $4.99, available at the iPhone App Store launch
Comet Cowboy Comet Cowboy Comet Cowboy

Yulan Mahjong Solitaire

Yuklan Mahjong Solitaire

Starting with a board stacked with Mahjong tiles, remove pairs of tiles until you’ve cleared them all! Features include:
    • Full multi-touch support for zooming, panning, and selecting tiles
    • 8 different board layouts
    • A hint function for when you get stuck
    • Reshuffle the tiles if you run out of moves
    • Infinite undo to take moves back
    • Automatically saves if you get a call or need to switch to another app
    • Only $4.99, available at the iPhone App Store launch
Yuklan Mahjong Solitaire Yuklan Mahjong Solitaire



A fully customizable snowglobe for your phone! Shake the phone to make the snowflakes float around. Pick any photo from your photo library to be in the globe, or use one of the bulit-in graphics. You can even adjust the size, speed, and number of snowflakes.
    • Only 99 cents! Available at the iPhone App Store launch

Watch “Snowglobe” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Blip Solitaire


Play the classic virtual tennis game, by yourself! Simply touch to move your paddle, and keep the ball bouncing as long as you can :)
    • Available at launch for FREE at the iPhone App Store

For more info and screenshots, head over to Maverick Software’s website.

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  1. The App Store is starting to get watered down already. I can only imagine how many different companies will have a Mahjong, Solitaire, Texas Hold ’em, Black Jack, etc. I wish they would quit w/ the repetative games already.

    • Let the Market work. As people don’t buy their apps, they will either improve it until it is good, or they will eventually disappear. The free market always brings us what we want.

    • Yeah, I have a feeling some will be sweet and others will be so-so…that is why we will be doing reviews of them. So, you know which ones are worth spending your money on.

    • I appreciate the reviews you guys do. I have passed on alot of software thanks to you guys. IMO, I’d rather have Brooke restore her iPhone as opposed to me restoring mine. LOL.

    • UncleBoogie says

      “I can only imagine how many different companies will have a Mahjong, Solitaire, Texas Hold ‘em, Black Jack, etc.”

      And Sudoku. Don’t forget Sudoku:)

      You’re right, but the PC and (to a lesser degree) the DS market is the same. But you still get top quality stuff.

      There may be crap in the store, but there’s still gonna be gold like “Super Monkey Ball”, “Spore” etc…

      Those apps look very crappy. The fact is right now most folk developing for the iPhone/iPod are in money gouge mode. When the store launches, folk are going to make money even if they write total garbage, simply because there’s idiots out there who will buy stuff immediately just because they can. Then the market will settle down. I’ll happily try ANYTHING on the Appstore that’s free. But $5 to draw circles around rocks?

      Nah, I’ll pass and stick with “Super Monkey Ball” thanks.

  2. WOW dont those apps just look


  3. Jeez, just makes a mockery of it all when Apple let stuff like this through.

  4. THIS is why there was originally not app store.

    • No…this is why Apple is being careful about who it lets into the App Store.

      I think I’ll start waiting for AIS to review the app before downloading and buying it.

      You guys do a GREAT JOB!!!!


  5. I hate double posting so soon but

    We have been given free apps by some remarkable people who’s only payment is a thank you

    And there accomplishments make these poxy little apps look infantile

    Saying that any normal child would turn there nose up at these laughable excuse of an application

  6. I find it funny how people over at howardforums claim that the iPhones target audience isn’t casual users that need MMS, Voice Recording, etc but Apple lets crap like this in that obviously appeals to non-power and casual users.

  7. that looks like crap, how did they get accepted?

    • UncleBoogie says

      The Mahjong game looks quite good if you like that sort of thing. (I do, but not enough to pay that for it.) But the rest… Yeah, garbage.

      And saying about Apple letting crap like this in… Look at game consoles where the console maker has to say “okay” to anything that’s released. Look at the unmitigated that gets released on them.

      It’s all about the Benjamins…