What To Do With Your Old iPhone

iPhone 3G If you’re not sure what to do with your old iPhone this video might give you an idea. If not, I suggest jailbreaking it and keeping it around. You should be able to run an unlock process and use it as an iPod Touch with a camera, speaker and microphone and run off of Wifi. I’m going to try and use it along with my new iPhone 3G. I’ve already unlocked my current iPhone so all I have to do is swap in my new SIM from my iPhone 3G and I can use my old iPhone on the network. This way I can have a backup if my battery dies and use all the great Installer apps until the iPhone 3G is jailbroke. We know this works now because both of our iPhones are unlocked and we can swap SIMs and the phones work (using the other phone number of course). Let me know in the comments what your plans are for your old iPhone if you’re upgrading.

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  1. Im going to sell mine! for 300$

  2. Hey Mic… 16 GB?

  3. I’ll wait til th 3G is jailbroken then i’ll probably sell my 16g Iphone.

  4. You can use 2 iPhone SIM cards and swap them without unlocking.

    • I’m not sure what you mean. I can not take my wife’s iPhone SIM card and place it in mine without unlocking my iPhone. It says “incorrect SIM”.

    • If my brother and I swap SIM cards (we both have iphones, neither of them are unlocked, only 1 is jailbroken) it works fine, no “Incorrect SIM messages”

  5. “look how rich i am, i own guns and i can afford multiple iphones”

  6. Not really sure whats the point of this video.

    Btw, has anyone any ideas how much the old iPhone will cost after the new one comes out?

    • i think until they jailbreak the iphone 3G the old model will be worth more. i mean it comes out in 2 days and people are still buying the old generation iphone on ebay for $400.

  7. I plan on keeping my first gen iPhone. Just to see if Linux ever gets ported over. And since the bootloader exploit required for the pwnage process is fixed in the iPhone 3G, it might be a long time before Linux is on the 3G iPhone, if it’ll even be possible with its new security.

  8. What a WASTE!!!!!
    Why not at least donate it to someone.
    I HATE when IDIOTS do stuff like that.

  9. alex_dlc says

    im never getting rid of my oroginal iphone, i love it!

  10. Steve (UK) says

    considering I broke the screen on my first one, and then fixed it using a part on ebay – I’m keeping mine for spares, just in case…

    And besides – if anything does go wrong with my iPhone 3G – I need a backup iPhone, cos when my other one broke, my other backup, a motorola pebl, almost ended up in it flying out the window – along with my SIM card…

    Once you’ve be iPhoned, nothing else comes close…

    • Hehe I know what you mean Steve (trust me I was one of the few who hardware unlocked mine just so I could use it) but to be completely honest, it’s not that great of a phone. Oh don’t get me wrong it is one of the coolest, most advanced and beautifully designed devices out there but actually using it as a phone was kind of a hassle without the tactile buttons… then again I also prefer using a clickwheel over touchscreen for navigating music. Anyone else agree with me here? After a while there are certain parts about a touchscreen that get old/annoying.

  11. iPhoneBlaze says

    i’am gonna buy 16g 3G and for my 8g 1st gen will be use for fun & game only… hehehe two iPhone in my pocket…. will be nice !!

  12. I think they will be selling a 32gb iPhone 3G very soon. Much like what they did with the 4gb, the 8gb will be discontinued.

  13. i would do nothing not to sell and not to buy
    since the new one will be 700$

  14. If I can get of out this iPhone for what I got into it for, why not? So I wait a few weeks and see what Apps come out in App Store. I have been with AT&T for years before this, so unlocking isn’t a big thing.

    Other than restoring the phone what else needs to be done for sale? De-activing it from my iTunes?

  15. Hey Doug,
    I was planning on doing the same thing as you, but something I don’t know is if the 3G sim will work with the regular iphone do you know anything about this? And will edge be available as well? (since its not a 3G)