App Store Open in iTunes

So it seems some people are, or were, able to get into the app store from iTunes. If you go to Edit > Preferences > General Tab and check mark Applications you can add it to Library in iTunes. Then when Applications is highlighted there are two options in the bottom right corner, Check for Updates and Get More Applications.

Here is a list of some of the Sweet Apps I’ve found: Remote (the app by Apple to use iPhone/iPod Touch as remote control for iTunes); AIM (AOL Instant Messanger); Epocrates Rx (perscription drugs?); Enigmo (Game) – $9.99; Typepad (mobile blogging); Whrrl (mobile social networking); Salesforce Mobile; MySpace Mobile – Free; Texas Hold’em; Ebay; Twitterrific – Free; At Bat (Major League Baseball); Netter’s Anatomy; Yellowpages – $0.99; Smugshot (photography); Weatherbug – Free; Disney’s All Stars; Omnifocus – $19.99; WHERE (navigation); Bomberman (Game); Lonley Planet (travel); PayPal – Free; Super Monkey Ball (game) – $9.99; Cro-Mag Ralley (game) – $9.99; Etch A Sketch – $4.99; Bejeweled 2 – $9.99; Evernote; iFob – Free; Bank of America Mobile Banking – Free; Drummer – $4.99; Mrs. Pacman – $9.99; Pool – $4.99; Sketches – $7.99; Trism (game) – $4.99; Twitterrific Premium – $9.99; Yelp – Free; AOL Radio – Free; Pandora Radio – Free; Flashlight – $0.99; New York Times – Free;

UPDATE: I am going to continue adding apps above until you see this warning disappear, so keep refreshing!

Both of this give me the error of “The iTunes Applications Store is not currently available. Please try again later.”

UPDATE: It seems to be sporadic, I got in during the middle of this post.

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  1. you mean “sporadic” and thanks for the list.

  2. What a goldmine for Apple. This is going to be silly. Look at the prices on some of those, you could drop $50 on like 4-5 apps…CRAZY.

  3. Rohan Shah says

    The post on app store is bit old news for me. Sorry for putting the post bit differently. I had immediately downloaded the 60.5 mb iTunes 7.7 setup file (windows) when I saw news of the same on ur site. It took around 35 min to download the same. The setup upgraded iTunes perfectly. But to my very surprise there was no iPhone 2:0 version upgrade when I selected the choice. It said 1.1.4 is latest. Then I was more curious to understand what’s there in the iTunes upgrade. So I started checking options. After clicking iTunes stores I was very thrilled to see that my country I.e India was there in the list. I selected the same & then was zapped to see that unlike any other country iTunes store there was only one option to view & that was app store applications. I browsed through the same & then thought of downloading the same. But then I was asked to sign in to download any free apps. Again to get over my curiosity I signed in & got an confirmation mail from apple on my yahoo I’d. With the help of the same I could start downloading apps & I could see an app store icon just below the movies option. Now I have 5 free downloaded apps on my laptop iTunes but am not in position to sync with my phone as I am on 1.1.4. Have to wait for 2:0 probably till tomorrow as per Indian standard time. Anyways in India apple is launching iPhone with 2 operators. When is still not known. Let’s wait for the experts to unlock & jailbreak2:0 as otherwaise my downloaded 5 apps & my earlier operating phone both will be of no use to me. Rohan Shah

  4. I can’t wait ’till 2.0 gets Jailbroken… hahaha, we all know that all these wonderful apps are gonna get leaked and pirated like normal. I can’t wait! I refuse to pay money fer anythin’ I can get fer free, besides, I can always wait.

    • So on the same logic, I guess you usually steal your food from supermarkets. After all, it’s a way to get something for free, isn’t it!

      I sincerely hope,even if it’s against my interest, that App Store apps are subject to trusted computing, so it’s goodbye piracy.


    • Not all ppl are as rich as u r.. So keep ur ideas with u only and let us decide what we want..

    • and if u hate piracy so much.. U shouldnt be here… Go to and enjoy…
      I’m totally with u zack

    • I don’t think being here on AIS is linked to Piracy. We don’t pirate here….we merely have jailbroken iPhones….it’s NOT piracy to jailbreak your phone…just voids your warranty.

    • We do not support hacking App Store apps and making them free.

    • ya i agree to that.. I just wanted to talk abt jailbreak.. Its ok if they charge something for the apps.. We don’t mind paying if they are worth it.. No hard feelings ken.. Not linking ais to piracy.. Just jailbreak.. Which as u say… Isnt piracy… Cheers

    • To Brooke and Doug, I totally respect ya’ll public stance against piracy, totally understandable

  5. well it surely is exciting.. And theres an update after a long time now.. We need excitement.. And we also need another episode of iphone 101 brooke n doug!!!

  6. I agree with Zack, Apple had everyone waiting and waiting, whats a little longer wait…besides by this next year Apple will have something totally different….slugs

  7. mine is still working. i can download them if i have 7.7

    here is a pic

  8. I ALREADY FOUND A WAY TO SHARE APPS SO NOT EVERYONE HAS TO BUY!!! TRY IT OUT YOURSELF… download any app and move it to ur desktop. then delete the app in ur library of apps. its all gone now. Now move it back from ur desktop into the app library! WORKS PERFECT!

  9. When I go to iTunes and “Preferences” and there is no tab “Applications”??? Is there an upgraded iTunes out or something? Thanks for your time.

  10. I see the application in ITunes how do u now put it on your phone

  11. Also will all these new apps run on 1.1.4 or will we need the 2.0?

  12. hi there´s also a free flashlight app avaible on the app store (called “Light”).
    It´s pretty shameless to claim one´s money for a white page…

  13. The Dev Team has placed some pics in their Blog showing installer and cydia working with the app store.

    can’t wait…

  14. It’s not going to be so easy to hack or pirate the App. Store Apps., because Apple is using DRM encoding, (Just like in their songs). Apple received a patent on this process a short while ago.

  15. I think that all Apps. with a price tag should have a free demo version so that people can actually try it for themselves before they commit their hard earned money.

  16. I want to upgrade to software 2.0 but I also love the installer apps I already have on my current version. Do you think we’re going to be able to get installer and all its apps on 2.0?

  17. will updating itunes break the jailbreak phone?

  18. bigmcq77 says

    how do you get into the AppStore tab in the iTunes store?

  19. would like to point out that just a little snooping and I found the applications folder under mobile applications on a mac and the apps are in .ipa format. In theory, we could just add installer into the folder is we could convert the format from .app to .ipa. If im wrong tell me but I feel like the folder being exposed should make it possible for us to add third party into that folder then therefore into iTunes.