AppStore Statistics

App Store Pinch Media has written a nice little article with some stats about the App Store. Below is what they have to say…and I’m going to take their word for it because I’m not sure I would want to sit down and count all the applications that were launched in the App Store!

“On AppStore launch, Pinch Media counted 552 applications – 417 of them paid, 135 of them free. Paid applications ranged in price from $0.99 to $69.99, with the most common price points being $0.99 (85 applications), $9.99 (82 applications), and $4.99 (62 applications). We’ve put together a bar graph of iPhone application price distribution, below.”


Check out the original article HERE.

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  1. there was a rumor that 70% if apps would be free but apparently its opposite

  2. Sweet! Glad someone had the time to do this! Thats awesome.

    Whats with the 20-70$ apps!!! What a waste of MONEY!!! They better be worth something to someone for someone to buy them!

  3. Please remind us with a great guide (for noobs) on how to save our apps, our customize files, etc etc before we erase everything and go to 2.0

    We’ve spent so much time customizing our phones it’s odd to start over. I know stuff isn’t compadible, but what is the best option? Is wiping it and starting clean the best? what do we do?

    Please guide us.

  4. what costs 70 bucks

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