Firmware 2.0 Now Available in iTunes

firmware 2.0 You are now able to upgrade to firmware 2.0 by simply going into iTunes and selecting the Check for Update option. Remember, upgrading to firmware 2.0 will mean your iPhone will no longer be jailbroke, fake activated or unlocked (there is no jailbreak option for firmware 2.0). If you do not want to upgrade to 2.0, just select Cancel if you get a pop-up telling you to upgrade.

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  1. What about for iPod Touch?

    • This is not available through iTunes, You must visit Apple’s Website to purchase the upgrade.

    • Nevermind:

      Still dosn’t work for iPod Touch.

    • blahblah9 says

      i have it running on an ipod touch if you plug it into itunes it gives you the option to upgrade for 10$ and it worked fine

    • blahblah9 reply on July 12, 2008:

      “i have it running on an ipod touch if you plug it into itunes it gives you the option to upgrade for 10$ and it worked fine”

      Question! If I were to manually download the 2.0 firmware (i have an iPod Touch) and were to restore it using the 2.0 firmware, would I get all the new features and apps? I remember when restoring from some other firmware to 1.1.4, I didn’t get the mail, maps etc. applications. And yes, I know if I were to upgrade, I would lose the jailbreak.

  2. Uh, dosn’t open anything, still. Ugh.

  3. i got a question when i download only a Firmware where does it save it? i’d like to save it someplace else you see i like to save firmwares just in case & i would like to add 2.0 to my library i got 1.0.2-1.14 all of them in my computer thanx in advance.

    • That’s a good idea…

      I’m no comp geek, and this may be obvious, but if you got the other firmwares, maybe you could get 2.0 however you got the others? Unless you downloaded them from a website. I sound like a total idiot now.

    • LOL Sure i Thought someone would say that, i should have expressed my self better, sure i got the other firmwares from someplace else buuut i think it would be easier to copy it from whatever place iTunes downloads it when it upgrades my iPhone to 2.0 to avoid having to download it 2 times that would save me some good 40 minutes since i’m on a dial-up modem plan so it’s really slooow, Do You Get My Point? Thanx though for trying to Help tj

    • on mac: /User/Library/iTunes/(iPhone or iPod) Software Updates
      Im not sure about windows though

    • Thanx Adam i’ll in That in Mind for my new Leopard but i would really like to know where it’s saved in Windows any idea Brooke or Doug???

    • on window it’s C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\ApplicationData\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Update

    • Thanks a lot Taylor appreciate your help!

  4. Hey guys! IE7 does not support Mobile me. this is rediculous..
    i don’t know if i have say Steve Suck’s or Gates suck’s

    i’m gettind the below error”

    Internet Explorer 7 is not fully supported
    Internet Explorer 7 has known compatibility issues with modern web standards which affect Web 2.0 applications such as MobileMe.

    You can use Internet Explorer 7, but you will not have access to all MobileMe features and will experience slower performance.

    For the best MobileMe experience, please use Firefox 3 or Safari 3.

  5. itouchjunkie says

    its not working for itouch stilllll…………….stressfulll

  6. itouchjunkie says

    plz help

  7. Brooke,

    I have already pwned my pre-3G iphone and upgraded it to 1.4 using a custom made upgrade I made out of the 1.4 update and added other sources and apps. In other words..should I do the same here and if so, will that affect my iphone? is the pawning going to get disabled and my computer get locked..I really don’t know?


  8. when will u be able to get 2.0 on the ipod touch? soon i hope

    • I know, I can’t wait. Hour long trip coming up tomorrow, I need something to DO!! (apps :D)

  9. I did get this when I connected my iPhone via USB to my PC to charge it… Read and clicked CANCEL inmediately!!

    Thanks for leading the way! Would have sucked to have upgraded because of misleading info!! :D

  10. since no one answered my first post I’ll try to repost it again and explain myself more..but let me start by thanking Brooke and Douglas for their help and for making this my-all-time favorite website.

    I have a first generation iPhone which I pwned using the pwnage tool, using the new release RC1, which was supposed to solve that online logos problem that we get when we try to install certain logos yet instead we get an error message saying that logos have to be less than 100 kb, unfortunately the problem is still up and well.

    So anyhow, I created a custom-made .ipsw file, which is the extension of the iphone update file, using the original 1.14 restore file you can get it here from the firmware page, and you can also find it under your windows, any version of windows vista or xp, go to:
    Documents and Settings=>your username=>applicationdata=>applecomputer=>iTunes=>iphonesoftwareupdates there you will find files that end with .ipsw extension and the update number for example 1.14 is labelled like this:
    and update 2.0 is labelled like this:

    I know that the above is old news for many but I thought it might help. Now, when I heard that firmware update 2.0 was released I downloaded through iTunes, and before that I have already upgraded iTunes 7.5 to iTunes 7.7. at this step I stopped, because I wanted to know a few things:

    1. if I upgraded my iPhone from 1.14 to 2.0 will its pwned stated become nulled? I mean will I have a phone that is neither jailbroken or activated? of course let me enlighten you and say and you probably guessed by now I’m not using the ill-fated AT&T not to mention I don’t live in the states, so I need to have this phone globally usable. so will upgraded a pwned first generation iPhone render it unusable? in my opinion I think not, but waiting for the okay from someone who have already tried that.

    2. Second what scared me more, is the unbelievable number of repositories and apps I added to my custom made firmware file based on the 1.14. I can’t believe I will be able to live without that..not to mention, the pwnage tool does not recognize the new firmware update. I mean try this: open your pwnage tool and then point to firmware update file 2.0 and it will tell you unknow file, so in this case we can not build a custom firmware file based on firmware 2.0, I guesss this pwnage tool was built to deal with firmware 1.14 and this means we’ll have to wait for pawn tool 2.0. Sorry if I seem bit slow on this, but I love being sure of what I know.

    thanks in advance but not payable on death

  11. iron stark says

    hey this is my first comment, something interesting happened. i was messing with my touch and had to restore yesterday, and its sayin restore and update i wen ahead and did it so now its downloading 2.0. i didnt buy the firmware upgrade so i dont really know if i got charged for it… any thoughts?

  12. Regyl8r013 says

    What changes are made to my phone when upgading to 2.0. What features are added?