Get All App Store Apps For Free!

Ok, I knew that headline would get your attention. I certainly do not support hacking pay for apps to be free. But here’s the deal. All the Apps I buy on my iPhone, are downloading free on Brooke’s iPhone. We use the same iTunes account as a family so I’m sure this it why. I haven’t got a bill yet to confirm but I did get this pop up: I have confirmed that this works with many devices. We currently have the same iTunes account on 10 of our idevices.

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  1. that’s because whenever she buys it or when u buy it, it goes to the itunes server when u r on the same account. and then it traces that u r downloading the same app brooke already downloaded for money… i’m trying to put it in the easiest way i can… tell me if u understand

    • Right, yeah I know what it’s doing, sorry :) I guess I was just letting everyone know that this is a feature. I didn’t know this until I tried to get Super Monkey Ball for the both of us!

    • William Shewfelt says


  2. Wow, that sure got my attention, for sure.

  3. so doug, was that guy really asking for an autograph?!?

    • No, I was talking to my wife, I couldn’t figure out what she was saying so I said that. She was really saying to hand out more business cards :)

  4. i guess it works in the same way that if you buy a song you dont have to buy it twice just because you have two ipods…

  5. I think its fare


  7. hey doug, maybe you could give us your itunes account and password so that we could get all the apps you buy for free, haha, jk

  8. Cramster911 says

    eh, this kinda makes sense. but installer 4 = appstore 4 free

  9. Turner90 says

    hey i restored my ipod today and it still seemed partly jailbroken
    for one the battery on the top right isnt a battery it is a number and seconddly the top left of my ipod still says turners ipod
    why is it like that

  10. Doug, you have already 5 pages with apps and no reviews yet…..

  11. hey doug, what is ur estimate time on how long this BIG MESS will take to fix?

  12. i’m wondering because i wanna download ttr and it wont let me!!! :(

  13. true dev won’t update for months

  14. y the apple always give the ipodtouch owners a problem to download applications, upgrade, etc.. the most things is for iphone it is always free! but for us ipodtouch users, we will spend money, we will buy it! do u tink it is fair??

  15. Can you download and install free apps without an iTunes Account?

  16. Hey Douglas this is cool !

    And whats your iTunes login details…? :)

  17. Would be weird if they don’t know about this? Maybe they do and are letting it happen? Maybe it will get “fixed” soon?

    Stay tuned!

  18. If they “FIX” this, i’m going to be severely peed off, i have an iPod Touch 2.0, and iPhone 1.1.4, so i want to be able to use my apps on my iPhone if i update……

  19. Does anybody know if there is a way to back up your apps? Without syncing to iTunes, only because when i plugged in my 3G it synced with my jailbroken 1.1.4 iPhone and it does not seem to be running right. I want to do a restore but i dont want to lose my apps. OR… will iTunes know that i already bought them after the restore so i dont have to pay twice.
    PS. The carrier name on my 3G changed when i did the first sync.
    Thanks guys..

  20. So let’s see……I have 1st gen iPhone and I really want to buy the texas hold em game…however I know i ll buy the 3G sometime next week…..
    so i just wanna know that i will be able to sync to the new iphone without paying a penny….


  21. waiiit so whats your itunes account?

  22. Sander persen says


  23. I need my apple store back

  24. iwant the complete steps for updating the new software version and also jail briking of iphone 4g
    if anybody can help me kindly send the both steps from zero on this email adress please

  25. How high can u update iPod 1