BootNeuter 2.0 Preview

Here is a video from the blog. It shows BootNeuter 2.0 running on a first generation iPhone upgraded to 2.0. This app helps in the unlocking process. It is not available at this time.

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  1. Stevey101 says

    Getting closer (i hope)

  2. this wait are killing me!!!! but i try to be more patient…

  3. I’m thoroughly amazed how fast the whole process iss goin’ this time ’round… let’s just hope that all theappsget ported just as fast as this one was!

  4. ^ What he said.
    I can’t wait to have my baby jailbroken again, and it looks like thanks to these great people it will be possible much sooner than I expected. (I was expecting an optimistic mid september first jailbreak app)

    I’m loving the music choice too…

  5. I can’t wait till this comes out so other people can see if it’s safe.

  6. video dont work with firefox 3