Apple Solves Cheating in the App Store

App It looks like Apple has settled the cheating going on in the App Store. Developers were changing their titles to included $, *, spaces and numbers to get themselves to the top of the list. Now it seems that they are being ordered by most recently added. This is nice because you can come to the app store and see what’s new and it keeps developers from cheating the system. Good job Apple, great way to handle it.

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  1. FIRST! :)
    btw that is a good way to stop it…

  2. Just wondering how you uninstall apps on 2.0? I am still on 1.1.4.


    • The same way you remove web shortcuts in 1.1.4. You hold down on the icon (as if you were going to move it) and an (X) will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the icon. Just click it to uninstall.

    • SeijinZero says

      But what if you pay for it and you bought it via your phone and not iTunes? Does it work like the video games consoles and keep a record of your account?

    • Thats cool. Thanks for answering Adam,

      Sienzero – I wold imagine Itunes keeps the record because Doug wrote a story saying ‘free aps’. Once you download it seems to remember you have downloaded and paid before.

    • Its like January update, if u bought it, itunes remembers

  3. Cramster says

    this is a very good idea, bc now we can browse the most recently added to start off with.


  4. couldn’t they have just not allowed special characters(,’!) at the beginning of application names.Simple. I still like apps being sorted from A-Z

  5. this is nice, now we can see whats most recent!

  6. They should sort them by price, where the lowest is at top.

    • They should allow the USER to choose how it is to be sorted. That would solve EVERYTHING

  7. I’m glad they made this change, There was no need for A-Z sorting at all. But I still hope they implement more sorting methods. There should be sorting by date, price, popularity, rating etc.
    There’s gonna be hundreds of apps entering the store in the next few months so having a lot of sorting methods is key.

    • I hear there are over 4,000 apps in queue.

    • SeijinZero says

      4,000!?!?!!??! how many more ways can you “upload to flickr” or microblog? That sounds a bit like over-saturation to me. I think a lot of these apps should a have a trial period or something too, to help you weed through them all.

  8. That’s a stupid way to solve it. And it doesn’t really solve anything. The appstore within itunes still sorts by name, along with release date and popularity so if one sorts by name they will still get those apps first. How about they tell the developers to change the name of the app or it gets removed from the appstore. Sounds pretty simple.

  9. Nice, but so easy. Why don’t they let us choose? That would be nice, because just here I could see at least three different opinion.