Talking Spanish PhraseBook 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Talking Spanish PhraseBook is a handy little application that translates common English phrases into Spanish. The best part about the application is that you are able to play audio of the Spanish translation. When you open the application you will get a list of topics that include; Essentials, Travel, Accommodation, Food and Drink, Socializing, Shopping, Medical, Dates and Time, Numbers, Emergencies and Copyright Info. Inside each topic, you will then get a list of categories in that topic or a list of phrases to choose from.

For example in the Essentials topic, there are phrase such as; Do you speak English, I don’t Understand…etc. In the Accommodations topic there are four categories; Locating, Booking, Requesting and Complaints. In each of these you will find phases such as; I’m Looking for a hotel, Do you have any vacancies, May I have another towel…etc. When you select a phrase, it will open to that phrase’s page where the phrase will be written in English and Spanish. There will also be a speaker icon at the bottom of the screen. If selected, it will play audio of the phrase in Spanish. the audio is good quality making it very clear and very understandable. There are a ton of great phrases to choose from in this application, it is definitely a must have if traveling (or if you are trying to learn Spanish!). You can also get Talking French Phrasebook, Talking German Phrasebook and Talking Italian Phrasebook…all of which are free.


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  1. excellent! I was patiently awaiting these reviews. Can you compare this to the Spanish apps that you have to pay for? How do I know if it is worth buying the other ones? Thanks.

    (still unlocked on 1.1.4 so waiting for Dev Team release)

  2. This is a great app. i wish it is on installer as i dont plan to upgrade my 1.1.4 anytime soon. Not untill i can jailbreak and unlock and most of my current apps can work on 2.0. Good work guys.

  3. ROB CORTEZ says

    how come i can’t find this on my installer? thank you

  4. I love this app – especially at that price :D

    I also started to study Spanish (I mean, you only get so far by learning phrases) on my iphone with “iCaramba Spanish Course”.

    It wasnt free though, but the two apps complement eachother perfectly.