Twinkle in the App Store Queue

TwinkleWe love Twinkle and it’s coming soon, real soon. It is submitted and in the App Store queue so we will let you know as soon as we see it. Twinkle is a Twitter client for the iPhone. Here is a Qik video about it:

Watch “Twinkle in the App Store Queue” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. I can’t see de video on my iPhone…

  2. That’s correct, although the sound wasn’t working…. It’s a 3GP file…

  3. i love twinkle on 114 :)

  4. Da187suspect says

    Does anyone have any idea how much it’ll cost?

  5. ihategeeks says

    this is sooooo SWEEET!

  6. How long is this queue that it’s not there yet? *sigh*. I miss my twinkle.

  7. Twitterific is way better ! Who needs Twinkle on 2.0 !