Fix for WiFi Problems

wifiWith my 1st Gen iPhone I had trouble with a few different WiFi hot spots. The iPhone would connect fine to the router or access point but it wasn’t getting to the internet; Safari, 3rd Party Apps, nothing could connect. All of these WiFi hot spots were at businesses: one was a grocery store, one was a coffee shop and one was a restaurant. I knew it wasn’t just my iPhone because when mine broke in Brazil I had to exchange it for another one. And of course Brooke’s didn’t work at these places either. When the new iPhone 3G came out I was hoping that it would connect but it didn’t. I was talking to Adam (our website programmer) and asked him if his iPod Touch had the same problems connecting. He said yes but that he fixed it. Sweet! He said there was some problem with the DNS information and that you can manually change it and it would fix the problem. So here are a couple of Free Public DNS options and the instructions on how to fix it:

1. Connect to the WiFi that is giving you the problem. You must be able to connect to it. If you can not connect then this won’t work for your problem.

2. In your settings select WiFi and then tap the blue arrow next to the WiFi name you are connected to.

3. Erase the DNS info and add the following exactly like this:,

Note: In case the first two don’t work try this:,

I also tried this on my home network that was already working and it didn’t seem to effect anything. It still works fine and wasn’t any slower or faster. So give this a try and let me know how this works for you.

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  1. I have no problem connecting my home wifi, but I cannot browse using my office wifi. My iphone4 connects to my office wifi, it shows all the DNS, Router settings but safari will say could not connect to the server. I tried all the options explained in here, including open DNS numbers, but no luck yet.

    Anybody got a different idea? appreciate your help :)


  2. hello there.
    i’m trying to connect my iphone wifi to my home internet ,but it doesn’t connect saying unable to join can u help me with that

  3. this dsn, work for my iphone 4.
    thanks a lot! it solved my wifi problem :DD

  4. no tengo internet en mi iphone