PhoneSaber 1.0

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PhoneSaber Ok, I don’t know if this is a boy thing or what but…I know quite a few guys who think this application is really cool! PhoneSaber basically turns your iPhone into a lightsaber. When you open the application, you will get a screen with five colors down the left side (yellow, purple, read, green and blue), an image of the bottom part of a lightsaber and an info button. The info option will give you basic information about the application. To choose the color of your lightsaber, just tap on the color. You will get a nice sound affect as the lightsaber starts up (if that is the correct term!).

You can then tilt and move your iPhone to get lightsaber sound affects. The sound affects seem to be based on the accelerometer. So, if you move your iPhone slowly, you will get the nice woo woo sound. If you move your iPhone quickly you will get the beew beew sounds. :) To put away your lightsaber, tap on the bottom piece of the lightsaber. Now, the only concern I have with this application is that a few of you might get a little too into the whole Star Wars lightsaber thing and fling your iPhones across the room or hit them into another person’s iPhone. So, be careful and remember to hold on tight!

Click HERE to download PhoneSaber from the App Store.

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  1. Make no mistake about it, Brooke! This app is one of the most clever and entertaining AppStore apps!!

  2. “A boy thing?”

    I’m a “boy” and I think it’s pretty pointless & stupid.

  3. I heard someone talking about this and thought it too could to be true. This was the first app I downloaded tonight and I think its hilarious.

    It’s great noticing the different types of sound effects depending on your actions. Now I just need to find another iPhone owner to duel with. :)

  4. In the last row you wrote “Click HERE to download SodaSnap from the App Store.” :) The link is ok.

  5. sorry for my strong word… but think this is very rubbish…

  6. this guys.. this is for me and my iphone Toy that i’ve been waiting for soooo long.. absolutely must-have.. i was sad when this project vanished and now its back in app store.. very good idea actually too!

  7. kingleo1 says

    so what about Installer?? is it available for the majority of the iPhone owners who still have 1.1.x ???

  8. I don’t care too much for this app, but reading Brook’s review on it was priceless. :-p

  9. I could care less for Star Wars and this app.

    “Click HERE to download SodaSnap from the App Store.”

  10. Jonesyxxiv says

    This app is awesome, but I don’t remember any yellow light sabers.

  11. lapuraverdura says


    My son is a StarWars 5 year old big fan and want me to download this app, the problem is that I own the iphone 1.1.3 firmware.

    I remember that this app was realeased time ago for the first iphone but don’t know where to find the source to downoad it from.

    Can anyone help please?