Showtimes 1.0

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Showtimes Showtimes is an application that searches for movie theaters in your area, available movies in those theaters and has the ability to map the theater from your current location. When you open the application, you will get a pop-up (actually two pop-ups) asking if it is ok for Showtimes to use your current location. You have to select Yes or the application will crash. Once the application has located your current location you will get a list of theaters starting with the theater that is closest to your current location and ending with the theater furthest from your current location. Here you will see the Name of the theater, the address of the theater, the distance you are from the theater and a Map icon (which will open Google Maps with directions to the theater). Below each theater heading is a list of all the movies available in that theater, the movie rating, the length of the movie and all the showing times for that movie. You will only get showing times for the current day. To view the movies and showing times for another theater, just tap on the theater you would like to view and it will drop down a list of the movies. You can tap on the theater again to shrink the list of movies. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the theater list you will see a i icon. It will give you the option to view the application’s web page. Showtimes is a simple application that gives the basic information on theaters and movies in your area.

Showtimes is only available for theaters in the US. There is also an upgrade to Showtimes…the title of the upgrade app is OneTap Movies. You can see the review of OneTap Movies HERE.

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  1. I love movies, and I hate that so many of these cool apps are pretty much useless here in Canada… But, I love you and Doug, so that sort of makes up for it??!! :-D

  2. Showtimes is up to v1.5 now. It’s time for a new review.

    I love Showtimes!!