No ZiPhone Jailbreak for 2.0?

ZiPhone I was reading Zibri’s blog today and ran across the paragraph below. Does this mean no ZiPhone jailbreak for 2.0? Let me know what you think in the comments.

“Dev team did an impressive team work this time and even if I don’t personally like the tool I see no other way to do things on 2.0. (If I’ll see one I’ll tell you) :)

You can read the full blog article HERE.

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  1. Maybe he’s not going to steal their system for this version.

  2. sounds lik hes got other things to do (lik porting his apps n finishing quake4iphone) n is satisfied with pwnagetool

    • Really do hope so:) I miss the ZiPhone version 3.0 by the way

    • ziphone was nice in how quick it was… no need to build a custom firmware. but i really lik having my firmware completely customized rite as im jailbreaking it… n devteam fixed a TON of bugs in the last pwnagetool that screwed my ipod over so i had to use ziphone

  3. hey guys! Winpwn 2.0 is Out im so happy

  4. this would b great!

  5. I think it’s because he got slating from bigboss and had loads of bad press. After all this time and research I have not come across one encounter of anyone with their phone going permanently wrong after ziphone. I honestly think he’s bored of all the hype to. I’m starting to get that way. I mean for goodness sake, it’s a fricking phone that has some nice gadgets on it. Big deal. I’m sick of my iPhone. SIck of having to worry about it all the time. Sick of how many times I play around with it and self concious at what a i must look standing there in the street pulling it out of my pocket to do something that 10 years ago you would have used a map, asked someone directions….or simply used your inititiative to do something.

    • Aussiephone says

      Excuse me. He never even broke into a sweat. He took the code the original dev team was writing, and palmed it off as his own work. Get your facts straight man. Bigboss had every right to diss this crook. If I took something you’d worked on and passed it off as my own, you’d be pissed too. Phone or no phone, gadget or no gadget, no-one has the right to steal others intellectual property. You try doing that to the music industry, without tasting prison food MAN!!!!

      Zibri got beat by the honest hard working guys of the dev team.

    • it sounds like someone is on his days.

    • So he took what someone else had and made it work easier…..hmmm….sounds a LOT like what just about everyone does….

      Take the plane for example….they all stole the idea from the original person….won’t go into who created it….and we all fly their planes all the time….no complaints that they stole the idea….or the designs.

  6. After my generous donation, this guy actually ripped everyone off. Well it was he’s loss because i was gonna donate more for the 2.0

  7. ppl stop talking abou zibri.
    He is the greatest he just need time to
    proof it.

  8. I think there is something on the way. =) I am waiting.

  9. Regardless of that’s being said, his app was the most user friendly to unlock 2G Iphones.
    To me the Dev Team are just like little kids crying about a stole lunch that is half eaten…(eat the other half and forget about it)
    and won’t stop wining about it. Just because he did not mention their names in the credit. I find that very funny.

    I won’t lie I updated my 1.1.4 to 2.0 using the hacked firmware posted a while back. I find it very hard to use Winpwn to unlock my phone. They have done a good job. Haven know I am a software developer but I can’t do what they have done.

    I won’t say their app is faulty.. I just can’t get it to work. Same to those that cry about Ziphone bricking their phone. Learn to use it or don’t.
    Every Software developer uses Google when they are stuck. I don’t write credits in there. I might send a thank you email.

    As for Ziphone unlocking 2.0. What does he really have to do? He has no more help or people to share idea with. I think they should all make up and give the community something better what we have now.
    I am sure they can unlock 3G if they had Zibiri.

    • Hear….Hear…

      I totally agree….He made it way too easy for everyone to jailbreak their iPhone.

  10. Why all this talk about Zibri?? Does anyone really care?

  11. blowing up all the haters says

    You are all just hater’s. Zibri is probably sick of the hype. If I wasted my time making a program like Ziphone and received all the negative comments and bad talk that was left by the majority of you people I wouldn’t wast my time making something else for all the haters either.
    When you can come up with something so great on your own then you can all talk. Until then get a life and leave the man alone.

    • Aussiephone says

      He didn’t come up with anything major on his own. As a former member of the dev team, he dumped the 837 key, saying without that there would be no tool. Then took the coding that was shared amongst the dev team, left and made his own tool and charged people for it. The dev team don’t and won’t take donations for their work. So stop calling them cry babies and the like. They got gypped. Without the dev team there would be no FW 2.0 jailbreak tool as soon as there was. Zibri’s tool had some serious flaws that most would never know about and if your phone wasn’t brick, then you were lucky. Always beware of someone who self promotes. He’s no God,dog more like it.

    • Aussie u sound a very bite person. More like the anger is there bcos the boy made money. Why not sue him if what you where doing wasn’t illegal. Don’t get me wrong my phone is unlocked. I only wish you guys will let it go. You log into every forum to bash the guy. He stole from you and gave it to the world. Well and made some money too. Quit his job.

      Yea it hurts. Off with his head.

  12. jaylou180 says

    I used ziphone and never had a problem. Also I think it is much simpler to use, one push of a button and your done. I hope theres a new version coming soon.

  13. Ziphone was more than dirty.

    “00:5a:49:42:52:49” remember? :P

    besides. “simpler to use?” … what’s simpler than pwning a phone ONCE and then just upgrading it with modded firmware via iTunes.
    once you got the ipsw created, you can restore your iPhone with it via the restore function in iTunes should you brick it.
    you hit restore, you wait 3 minutes, you’re back on jailbroken+unlocked

    • besides. “simpler to use?” … what’s simpler than pwning a phone ONCE and then just upgrading it with modded firmware via iTunes.

      “Open one app and one click you are done.”
      I blame him changing your MAC address.
      You should not have restored after using Ziphone…. google your issues..
      He was trying to be help but step over board. shame on him for that. Don’t allow your Gfriend to have an Iphone. It should be One per house hold.

  14. Leave Zibri aloooone!!!!!! Buaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

  15. Phil, Washington, DC says

    I agree, haters…I Freakin’ PWNed my 1st Gen and it completed screwed it up. I used Ziphone and did not have one problem. He created something simple, stolen or not, fixed some bugs and IT WORKED! I sold my Ziphone to a personal friend and she loves it!! I bought the new 3G and will NOT jailbreak it with the “dev teams” Crap! I hope Zibri stops trying to defend himself and get to work. If something is in the public domain, its not protected and if its probably fishly legally don’t freaking complain when someone upstages you and makes it better. ITS A FREAKING HACK. Not a legal ligit product with copyrights…get over it. As an American, I am for free enterprise and for worry free products.

    • Aussiephone says

      The original coding wasn’t public until Zibri took it. It was the domain of the dev team. How do you know the dev teams tool is “crap” if you haven’t tried it?????????

    • Phil, Washington, DC says

      I would I try the second round of 2.0 crap when the previous “CRAP” funked up my phone. Would you?? I think not.

  16. People *should* complain about Zibri. Putting all the stealing accusations aside, ZiPhone was downright irresponsible from a programmer’s perspective.

    1) It used a 1-pass system instead of a 2-pass system. This makes something as “failproof” as a simple jailbreak all the more risky, and even if you think it didn’t, it *could* permanently brick iPhones.

    2) He changed your MAC address on your iPhone (a value which by definition should be permanent and unique to your device) to the unicode equivalent of 0:Z:i:b:r:i. If you were on the same network as anyone else who had used ZiPhone, problems would occur. (More:

    3) He claims what he’s doing is just copying code that was “open source” and redistributing it in an easier-to-use package. The code that was supposedly “open source” wasn’t (the code was leaked to him, that doesn’t make it open source), and he’s made a buttload of money off his site (look at all those ads, and I feel bad for all the donators).

    If you really want more information, here’s a post he made, and a response from a dev team member (those who came up with WinPwning, and the original jailbreak):

    He’s a self-centered, full-of-himself, irresponsible theif. Just because his tool “worked” for you does not mean that what he did was right. You cannot defend his actions just because “ZiPhone worked for you”.

    And the reason that another version of ZiPhone isn’t coming, is because he simply has no idea what he’s doing. The only reason the previous versions of ZiPhone existed was because of the dev team leaks that got him the jailbreaking information he needed to copy it.

    • Dude you are blaming a Thief that stole from a Thief. what they are all doing is illegal.

    • Aussiephone says

      DUDE!! Nothing illegal in anything they’ve done. Stealing intellectual property is. DUDE!!

    • Phil, Washington, DC says we have THE HACKER POLICE..if Zibri stole it, then he did. The Dev Team should have done something to ensure it couldn’t be. If it couldn’t be then its free game for anybody. Many people could careless who had what originally or when. All we care about is the end product and if it works. Does it work well? Does it freak my phone out. I am just tired of all the fuss. Its done. Let’s move on. DUDE.

  17. regardless of all the “stealing” accusations.

    the Ziphone jailbreak is by far the dirtiest and riskiest.
    Even if Phil DC’s phone might have been screwed up by pwning. Accidents may happen.
    But cracking a phone ONCE and then just patching the firmware is by far safer and also easier than having to crack it over and over and over again.

    and the “wifi fix” with the hardcoded mac adress is just an example of how unprofessional zibris solutions were, the “easy to use” they may be.

  18. After reading your post…. I now know the root cause of the whole issue…

    It is about money. He made cash from it and the Dev Team does it for free.
    So if gave the Dev Team a cut or recognition, would that have been ok?
    Did he add his own programming code to his app or its all the dev teams’ work?

    It looks like the Dev team was keeping the good stuff for themselves.
    Zibri is a modern day Robin Hood.
    He stole from you and gave it away…. and appeared on TV.
    Gave up his day job and you (Dev Team) are stuck in their day jobs.

    Truely, he is the smart one…. I am sorry.
    I will not hate him for that.
    I built a killer app for AT&T…that switches LAN lines from one Carrier to another…. Saving them over 42 million dollars… They made me train a 4 Colombians that took my job and I was out of one…..

    I don’t hate them for what they did… they were smart.

    • Donations … not obligated … ppls donate to Z cause they like what he offerts…

      botom line..

  19. Aussiephone says

    You know Karma’s a great thing. Zibri got ripped of $4G from his adsense advertising account. The thief gets thieved. LOL

    • Phil, Washington, DC says

      Just my point, they are all playing with fire anyways. I take a risk when I use anybody’s methods to jailbreak my phone. If you like it or not we live in a capitolistic society, its about making money, making a product or service fast and instant happiness. I never said he (Zibri)wasn’t a thief, I said I don’t care. You see, if something happens to my phone, its my fault..I learned. Then I go buy a new one. I am a risktaker. I have a job and have a tiny savings (do what I want) account. So if “Z” comes out with something new, I’ll wait and see if it works on other phones and I may Jailbreak it. To me its like my experience with Burger King years ago..I hated their product, it made me sick. Been eating McDonalds ever since…stayed away from the nuggets though..LOL

  20. does the pwnage tool completely restore the ipod? I mean , does it erase all files on it ?

  21. do you WANT it to? … if you are worried pwning and then using the custom firmware would make you lose any settings / contacts / anything … it won’t. They’re all backupped on your iTunes anyways.

    if you WANT to delete them, you can do that in 2.0 under settings -> General -> Reset.

  22. i will hold any upgrade to 2.0..till installer 4.0 :)