No ZiPhone Jailbreak for 2.0?

ZiPhone I was reading Zibri’s blog today and ran across the paragraph below. Does this mean no ZiPhone jailbreak for 2.0? Let me know what you think in the comments.

“Dev team did an impressive team work this time and even if I don’t personally like the tool I see no other way to do things on 2.0. (If I’ll see one I’ll tell you) :)

You can read the full blog article HERE.

iPhone 3G Unlocked?

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the software unlock for the iPhone 3G please see our most recent article about the Dev Teams Unlock info.

Here’s the updated status info from

Beta 7
System disk name: BigBear5A331.M68OS

System disk key: 3d9a9832a108fc5084fc9329d6e84e38edf06e380554c49376b70e951f8a8d1ed943f819

Baseband version: 04.05.04_G
Baseband status: patched and unlocked :)

iPhone 3G baseband firmware prefix: ICE2 version 1.43

user root and user mobile still have “alpine” as password.