Cracked App Store Applications

ais Doug and I knew that writing this post was inevitable. Did I think I would be writing it so soon…no. But, what can I say, hackers are quick.

Cracked App Store Applications are in no way, shape or form, not even to the tiniest degree, supported by Any comments on how or where to get cracked App Store applications will be deleted. If the comments persist the user will be banned from

Cracked App Store Application = Any App Store application that has not been put into the Installer by the developer themselves.

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  1. than u must change “Learn how to use,hack and mod the Apple iPhone & iPod Touch”. Its not fair to reject appstore cracked soft.

  2. hmmm I dont know what to say
    : ) !!!!!!
    oh well ill think of somethin

  3. oh…and i dont get it – why cracked iphone is normal to u, when u all are useing cracked firmwares… and why cracked appstore apps are bad ???

    • Hacking the iPhone firmware to allow for 3rd party applications is not illegal. You can install apps on it if you want to, it’s your iPhone, your computer… Making software available for free that is supposed to cost money is illegal. It’s like going into a store and buying the Sims and making copies and handing them out to everyone for free. That’s illegal. We will not support it.

    • atrophic says

      The difference is tinkering with your property versus stealing somebody else’s.

      Hacking the iPhone may be against the terms of service (and I’m not even sure of that), but it certainly isn’t against the law. Cracking App Store apps certainly is illegal.

    • maddcatt1 says

      Here’s a little something I found, it’s just food for thought before saying what is and isn’t legal. Check the exemptions (unlocking) and copyright laws (jailbreaking) and draw your own conclusions.

      Jailbreaking your iPhone breaks the iPhone’s code copyright laws. But, the copyright office issued an exemption to allow users to unlock their equipment for the sole purpose of connecting to another network.

      So, yes you can unlock your iPhone to work on another network. Jailbreaking it to download additional software ( games, movies, icons, music, ect ) via the open interface would be definitely be illegal.

      This doesn’t mean that apple or AT&T can’t sue you for something else. It’s america, they can sue you for breathing.

      You probably will not get sued for unlocking your cell phone, but that is a risk you are taking as soon as you jailbreak it.

      You probably will not get a ticket for driving 5mph over the limit, but we all know people that have been ticketed for 3 or 4mph over the limit. It’s one of those risk decision things. Is the end result worth the risk?

      Good luck.

      PS Unlocking an iPhone and selling it on eBay IS most likely against the law. As it is not for “sole purpose of using another carrier”, it is for the purpose of making money via an unlocked iPhone.

    • atrophic says

      At the risk of getting into a long drawn out discussion, jailbreaking doesn’t violate copyright laws. Some of the ways you could jailbreak your iPhone did, but most ways did not (essentially, as long as they didn’t use copyrighted code, it didn’t violate laws). Similarly, the apps, as long as they don’t use copyrighted code, are legal as well. Even reverse engineering is protected by law.

      However, for me it’s not a question of legal or illegal. I jailbreak and use those apps because they allow me to do things with my phone that Apple wouldn’t allow. The apps themselves however are free. If the developers charged, I’d either pay for them or not use them.

    • DJContagious says

      lol, the Sims

      i love that game :D

    • Anonymous says

      More food for thought.

      “the iPhone’s code copyright laws.” ??? The iPhone is NOT a jurisdiction. It’s a device.

      The exemption by the copyright office is strictly limited to the USA. In other jurisdictions it is of NO legal significance whatsoever. There are other jurisdictions, with other exemptions to (c), or where copyright laws don’t even exist. There you can do whatever you want.

      “So, yes you can unlock your iPhone to work on another network. Jailbreaking it to download additional software ( games, movies, icons, music, ect ) via the open interface would be definitely be illegal.” <– you’re confusing unlocking with jailbreaking here.
      Moreover, when (c) is used not to protect the (c) software itself, but to leverage market power into different markets – like apps, movies, icons, music – that is a misuse / abuse of copyright under US law. Which implies that the right can not be enforced (aka the “dirty hands doctrine”). Which implies, in turn, that you can do whatever you want, since you’re NOT breaking an ENFORCABLE copyright.

      “This doesn’t mean that apple or AT&T can’t sue you for something else.” <– what a stupid argument. Being able to sue is NOT the same as having more than a snowball in hell’s chance of winning the lawsuit. And backfires as frivolous lawsuit, for which the responsible attorney can be disbarred. Smart move, sucker.

      “PS Unlocking an iPhone and selling it on eBay IS most likely against the law. As it is not for “sole purpose of using another carrier”, it is for the purpose of making money via an unlocked iPhone.” <– oh how simplistic. If YOU infringe on a copyright for the sole purpose of unlocking it, and at a later point intend to make money by reselling it, that would not mean the unlocking suddenly becomes illegal retroactively. Moreover, you can have someone else sell it. The person selling it would not have anything to do with whatever intent the person had who unlocked it.

      I challenge you to find ONE valid legal argument why the latest PwnageTool breaks any intellectual property right. Afaik, at best Steve Jobs could sue the makers for using his portrait. Which has no base in intellectual property rights, but personality / privacy rights.

      I’ll stop here. After having a laugh for a bit, I’m now getting a little sick of the ignorance of some comments here.

  4. U know some of us live in unsupported countries, apple doesnt want us to buy the apps, what should we do?

  5. Screw the pirates! I’m remaining legit on the iPhone 3g. And I seriously hope Apple does something to stop app piracy.

    On a side note, however, I also hope they’d come up with some way to let you TRY the applications BEFORE purchasing them (as there’s a lot of costly crapware on App Store)

    • We’re trying to help with that by doing reviews :) There’s only 900 apps right now so we’ll try to keep up :)

    • atrophic says

      Some of the publishers are getting it right by having limited demos for free that encourage you to buy the full version. Labyrinth LE, and Sudoku Free, for example.

      However it’d be nice if Apple provided a mechanism to download a single app and then unlock it from within the app. I’m not going to hold my breath for it though…

  6. chuckyboy says

    So doug speaking of apps any clue when the new installer might be out?

  7. atrophic says

    I can’t speak for Doug, but I know it doesn’t have to be true. I have loved my jailbroken original iPhone since I got it. I thought it was awesome to be able to do all sorts of things that Apple, for good business reasons, simply wouldn’t allow with an SDK. And I loved that the vast majority of the jailbroken apps were free, and most of those were even open source.

    I think the App Store is a wonderful thing, both for Apple, their customers, and the developers that get apps on it. But it doesn’t meet all of my needs and I’ll be jailbreaking as soon as the apps I want are available on 2.0. However, I will never install an app that costs money that I have not paid for. There’s a definite line between supporting iPhone hacking–getting apps Apple doesn’t want you to have on the iPhone, and iPhone cracking–illegally circumventing controls that prevent you from using paid apps without paying. And for me it’s not even a legal issue; I just don’t want to steal from developers that are doing their best to make iPhone the best mobile platform in existence. They need to eat too you know…

    • 1 – I don’t think that Apple really cares about jailbreaking. It’s never been illegal and im pretty sure their terms of agreement say it voids your warranty. that way it is your responsibility if an app damages your iPhone/iPot.
      2 – I understand why everyone is not supporting iphone app piracy but honestly I don’t see any difference between people pirating mac/windows apps and people pirating iphone apps. the truth is that there isnt, and no one really seems to care that much about other forms of piracy. the majority of users will pay for the apps and im sure apple will fight the piracy issue so c’mon… is it really that big of a difference?

    • You are correct. Mac/PC piracy is the same, and just like with the iphone, you shouldn’t do it. It’s stealing. Someone worked hard to write those apps, why should you be entitled to them for free.

      Have I never pirated? No … I’ll admit that I’ve done it, but usually because there isn’t a demo available and I need to try something before buying, BUT … any app that I actually use, I pay for. It’s only right. I don’t want to do my job for free, why should the developers that make the apps I use not get paid?

  8. RandalRampage says

    I had posted a comment reguarding cracked versions yesterday that was erased, so I might be one of the reasons this was posted.

    Anywho, I apologize I didn’t realize appleiphoneschool was so against it.

  9. Nettwerk says

    Hi, so AppStore not suported in my country. I can’t buy anythink. So for an exsample I found great app “eWallet”. I want buy but how? At the moment apps from Installer “Intelliscreen, moleskine, timecapsule etc” I paid. And I have all legal apps.

  10. dominickc says

    i think most of the developers will make a version of their app store apps available on installer. Possibly a little less hindered even. They would be crazy not to. We all know we won’t support direct ripoffs of code. But if app store has something really cool, one of the developers will release something for installer. I also think the price should be less on installer. A lot of us using installer are knowledgeable enough to do what we want with the applications we download. Keeping a jailbroken phone working properly teaches you new things. Alls I’m saying is developers don’t throw huge prices around and much less cracking will go on. This thing is gonna be huge: installer 4.0. Take advantage of the numbers $20 price tags are reasonable for very nice useful inventive apps $50 is not. Games shouldn’t cost more than $5 in my opinion. They will still make their money. Volume is key

  11. think this looked come from the very beginning. always passing through my head that Hib happen and it did so .. I live in Colombia and I would like if i can buy these applications but can not because I believe that I could entertain a bit, although must be bad news for developers..

  12. Just had to toss this out. Jailbreaking now illegal in Canada with the new legislation so evrything here is considered illegal……. Even if u purchased apps etc etc
    idont get it seems to me if I buy it its mine wether I use it as a frisbee or jailbreak
    meh oh well AY?

  13. Ehh, although you guys don’t necessarily condone the cracked applications the comments should be left there for those that are interested. I remember seeing a link for an app that I wanted and when I went back it was gone. I figured you had filtered it and it was quite a pain finding it somewhere else.

    Leaving the comments from users on the page doesn’t mean that you condone those that use the cracked software. It means you have an open forum for discussion by those that are interested.

  14. Jeffrey J says

    i get it.

  15. yeah no offense love the site, but you can’t just ban cracked apps and continue to run a site about hacking the iPhone now I can uderstand if you are just saying this too cover yourself if apple comes knocking but you gotta do reviews on them

    • Read all the comments here. There is a big difference between jailbreaking your phone, using apps that people release for free vs stealing someone else’s app.

  16. LOL itvis not just a phone. The passion people talk about iPhones is amazing. I won’t install or put a stolen app on my phone. Sho…. I won’t even install if it is not free. Just joking. Support developers.

    This site belongs to Brooke and Doug. If they no stolen app talk! So be it.

  17. Am I the only OLD FART here? Do you guys not remember that both of the Steve’s from Apple were HUGE pirates/phreaks, and who knows what else.
    Seems like there is so hypocrisy going on here….

  18. i dont know what to say its bad , its not rigth but i im in an unsuported country so srry for them but i need apps

  19. john buckle says

    Ok, let me put this into perspective.

    We have an amazing device that does almost everything we want it to do. For me the iphone is the best thing in my life and keeps me fully entertained all the time.

    I now have the iphone 3G and its even better. I also have downloaded many free apps from the app store. I have also paid about 60US dollars in total for some apps too.
    I am eover the moon with my new apps and very happy to pay for the hard work that has gone into putting them on my phone.

    I am not rich nor broke, I am a teacher who earns a standard salary.
    So What i suggest is for those mean fisted, penny pinching misers out there. If you can afford an iphone , then you can affored the cheap prices for the apps in the apple store.

    So Doug, I’m with you!!!!! And i supprt your stance.

    John, Hong Kong

  20. fumiteru32 says

    hi guys.. Just wanna shout it out.. Indeed supporting illegal apps is definetely not right… Especially for a well known site.. But like us living in an unsupported country, we’re boring without third party apps :( if we must pay for every single app (useful app), it’s really not worth to use anymore.. For example, my friend just got an iPhone 3g for around USD1500, can u imagine tat? Yup, this is the price they’re selling in my country.. Furthermore, u can’t even forward messages from our phone, should we pay for a third party messaging app also? SMS is the most basic function in a hand phone.. And many many more other apps.. I mean no offence. It’s just my opinion, this is what I have gone through.. Sad man..


    I understand the reason for cracked apps, the prices for all of the apps can really add up into a huge total. But instead of jailbreaking and installing cracked apps, i have found another, and legal way, to get apps for free. If you are friends w/ someone who also has an iphone and has bought apps that u dont have, you can enter their itunes accounct name and password into your itunes at home, and then sync your iphone so that their account is now on your phone. You can now get the apps that they have already purchased completely for free. I have been doing this with several friends that I trust with my account, and each of us has been buying several apps and then sharing them. It has worked out very well so far.

  22. cartoon156 says

    Cracked apps are unfair to the people that already bought paid apps, and it is illegal, guaranteed. I bought Super Monkey Ball the day it came out (boy, how I regret it so. I would’ve bought Enigmo, Crash Bandicoot, or Texas Hold’Em…) and just seeing the free download of a paid app store application just sickens me. I sure hope that they get sued by Apple and the developer who worked so hard to develop it for profit. I mean, come on, if you’re spending 200 bucks on a phone, plus 30 bucks a month on unlimited data plans, why can’t you spend a one-time fee of 9.99 on a great game like Enigmo or 7.99 on Aqua Forest or 4.99 on great graphics in Texas Hold’em?
    To the people that think AiS supports hacking but not cracking, is because hacking is not illegal, people won’t yell at others that hacked their iphones, and it is widely accepted by the majority of iphone users. Cracking, on the other hand, is illegal, an unfair advantage to people that spent money already on that app, and frowned upon by the majority of iphone users.
    This is the longest paragraph I’ve ever written, but even though it’s nice to have a cheap app for free, I’d rather pay for it than do all this work and risk to get it for free.

  23. You guys rock.

  24. From info i’ve seen this looks to be a one off, there is only one app that is cracked, and cracked is probably the wrong word as it seems that it’s simply a version of the app in a state before apple get it and are able to digitally sign it.

    Whoever leaked it hasn’t come forward for obvious reasons, and it looks as if the process of running this app cannot be repeated with others, due to all apps from the App Store being digitally signed and this leaked one isn’t.

  25. I agree. Stealing someones else’s stuff and redistributing it is illegal. Changing something on an iPhone that I bought outright for 500 bucks is up to me. If you buy a car and change the rims is that illegal?
    Love your site and like the stand you are making here and nice work Doug Brooke is hot!