Red iPhone 3G?

apple Rumor has it that around the Holiday Season, after the hype of the iPhone 3G launch is starting to simmer down but in time for the Christmas rush, Apple will be releasing a red iPhone 3G. This is not the first time we will have seen a red product by Apple. The iPod Nano and Shuffle currently have red versions as a part of the (PRODUCT) RED campaign by Apple, which aims to support the fight against AIDS in Africa by giving “a portion of the purchase price to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.” You can learn more about (PRODUCT) RED HERE on Apple’s Website.

Could be a rumor…could be true?! I actually kind of like the red. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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  1. I’m holding out for blue.

  2. I actually think the red and black combination has always looked nice, let’s wait and see until Christmas, I actually got the white one, my store was out of the black ones :-( oh well I still got one :-) lol
    Hey Brooke I wanted to ask, have u and doug purchased any cases for it iPhone 3g??? Just curious

    • I purchased one but ended up returning it because I didn’t like it (you have 14 days to return cases you have bought at the Apple Store). I’m still looking for that perfect case!

      PS. I like the White iPhone 3G. I kind of wish I would have got one!

    • yea I actually purchased the contour hard case in white but didn’t like it much, so I returned it, keep me posted if u find the “dream case” LOL
      I’ll let u know my findings :-)

    • Deal!

  3. that thing is ugly. ill stick with my white… but would def prefer black over that anyday.

  4. I have a white one, and love it ! That red is pretty, but whoever mocked up the photo didn’t make it look the same as the red nano on the Apple site. I have a feeling it’s just a rumor. But if it’s true, cool… more options for everyone. I bought a case from a couple days ago. If you click the products tab, you’ll see the link for the 3G cases there.

  5. Phil, Washington, DC says

    The white is for real “Ballers” anyways…the ladies might like the Red though..

    • Phil, Washington, DC says

      A pink one..50% proceed to BREAST CANCER research. Now thats an idea. :-)

  6. it looks slick, not bad at all. will def have to wait and see.

  7. how about a green one that benefits a Go Green organization =p
    or a yellow one that is for Neil Armstrong’s foundation
    or a orange one that supports a foundation that plants orange trees in callifornia.
    oh oh and how about one in the shape of a pineapple thats supports the dev team!

  8. So far I like the white one better than the black, but I’m not quite feeling this red one.

    It’s a matter of tastes in the end! ;)

  9. Ned Smitty says

    “Who is driving” Bear is driving? How can that be?!”

  10. I quite like the Red…..If you didn’t have to remortgage you house in Spain to afford an iPhone and its contract I would consider it.

  11. I think it looks cool. But I think you’ll get tired of the red after few weeks. I like my white too bc white is a chick color. Not many phones come in white. Btw for iPhone cases, check out eBay. Great prices.

  12. it needs to be a darker red

  13. Love the red. Not enough to ditch my white, though.

  14. ill buy it if they upgrade it to 32gb. until then…. im sticking with my 1st generation 8gb (FIRST DAY) iphone

  15. No, will stick with iPhone 1st gen:D

  16. cassandra says

    i do not like the red.

  17. Its obvious that there will be a (PRODUCT) RED iPhone, but it wont be so bright…!

    BTW, I like the Apple logo used in this post :)

  18. nice and cool must have it, or not?, anyways is realli cool ♪

  19. Digitalfields says

    Maybe the Red IS for the HIV/AIDS research support sure looks like Steve is fighting some type of disease that is causing him to get skeletally thin.
    How’s that for a rumor?

  20. LOve It this is so NICE,,how much is this?