Installer 4.0 Repo Structure

Installer The RiP Dev blog has posted an article describing how repos will be structured in Installer 4.0. The majority of us probably will not be extremely interested in this information but, if you have a repo that you would like to have in Installer 4.0, you will definately want to check it out. Below is a snippet of the article. You can get the full article HERE.

Installer 4 uses the new repository structure which is aimed at minimizing the traffic for both repo owner and the user, as well as expands the standard a little bit. It is still good old plists, but for the repo owner perspective, you don’t really have to mock with them… at all :)

Here’s how it works. Each package (a .zip file) now must contain a .plist file inside describing the package – including install/uninstall scripts, description, version, identifier, dependencies, and so on. It may also contain a png icon to be displayed as the package icon in the Installer.

When the repository owner puts the file in the repository directory tree (in the appropriate folder for the category), the repository engine does the rest – automagically extracts the plist (and the package icon) from the package archive, parses it, puts in the appropriate places and gets it ready to be served to Installer.

I have finished the repo engine code (it uses PHP) and is currently going to give it a test run for a few days internally, then we’ll put it in the public domain to re-use and abuse, along with a more detailed instructions on the package structure and plist keys (they are mostly the same).

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  1. Is automagically a word?

  2. quick question, if I were to create a custom firmware with pwnagetool now, would I just get the installer when it comes out or will they have they have to update pwnagetool so it will support the installer?

  3. How can i contact someone from I have been jailbreaking for a while and have been messing around with different customize themes on my 1.1.3 iphone. I restored to 1.1.3 to see if it would wipe my customize, and itdid everything except my vistamaximus lock screen. how can i get rid of this?????? Can I email someone???

  4. you can use mobile finder or ssh and delete it from core services

  5. Bige2333 says

    man I can’t wait to see installer, I haven’t jailbroken my new 3g yet, holding out for when installer is ready :-)