CNET Tries to Explain Jailbreaking Firmware 2.0

At least BigBoss and the Dev Team got some props. I was hoping he’d say, “and to find out all the different apps you can download visit” Oh well, you know where to go!

Thanks to Tim for the tip!

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  1. Yea, but he forgets to say that you cant download any applications using installer because there aren’t any that will run on 2.0 yet. Seems stupid to go through all that for nothing.

    • bigmcq77 says

      actually installer 4.0 isn’t put yet. You can download things through cydia. Have yo u jailbroken 2.0 yet cause it sounds like your guessing

  2. steve anderson says

    waste of bloody time honest first app i tried to download was called make it mine ,just crashes phone big syle looks like another 3 hours to restore my backup back crazy has no one tested this crap cydia before release

  3. SeijinZero says

    I subscribe to the CNet podcast and watch it every day, and Tom Merrit can be a bit of a tool sometimes. He seems like the kinda guy who argues about which comic book character can defeat which comic book character. His tips can be a little lacking, as if he has difficulty dumbing it down without talking down to you. Anyone tech-savvy enough to follow his instructions is most likely already familiar with “his discovery.” He should have TOTALLY gave a shout-out to Apple Iphone School for more info, and it really bothers me that he gave little warning and did not mention that it’s pretty pointless right now due to lack of available apps. A few months ago on “CNet Live”, some kid called in to get help because he followed toms instructions for ziphoning 1.1.4 and bricked his phone. Tom basically said NOTHING and hung up on him. They should just hire Apple Iphone School for their own show, LOL! That would be awesome!

  4. Speaking of all the apps you can download, is there any way we know which applications on this site which will work/be available with jailbroken 2.0 iphone? I’m particularly interested in themebuilder…

    • we’re working on a better way to organize apps. There is more info than tags or categories can handle: if it’s available through cydia, installer, app store, download only; price; category; installer source; star rating; date released of updated; etc. For now we’ll try to keep you informed on what’s coming.

    • installer 4.0 will be able to tell you what apps will work on whatever version your on.. so if your on 2.0 installer wont show apps that work on 114 or below

  5. pdxDavid says

    He also didn’t mention that you cannot unlock a 3G iPhone. Sounds like someone didn’t do their homework. Just saw all the cool kids doing it on youtube.

    • pdxDavid says

      I guess I didn’t do my homework either. Seems he wasn’t working on a 3G phone. Might have mentioned that with all the 3G hoopla, someone not paying attention (like me) might think it is for the new phone, too.

  6. Is it me or was that not too smart to show his iPhone Serial Number in that clip? He blurred out his number, but not this serial number.

  7. I did what the vid said and worked perfectly. I never did it before so I just wanted to get a feel for it before the new installer comes out…… Now Im wishing I would not have Cydia does not have nothin for aps

  8. videoflyer says

    I’m sorry but did you just tell us where to go? ;-)