MacMan 1.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MacMan We have had quite a few people emailing us about the game MacMan. Well, I finally got a chance to try it out on my 2.0 jailbreak iPhone. MacMan looks to be the first game developed exclusively for the 2.0 firmware. MacMan was not available on previous versions through the Installer. If you love PacMan, you will love MacMan. When you open the application you will get a splash screen and then you will get instructions to touch the screen to begin (the game is played in landscape mode). This will bring you directly into the game.

The object of the game is to eat all the white dots without getting eaten by the little monsters. To move the little PacMan guy, just tilt your iPhone. I found the controls to be really nice! They seem to respond quickly and accurately! At the top of the screen you will see your current score, your current level and high score. You can pause the game by taping on the screen. Which then allows you to start a new game or continue playing your current game. As you eat all the white dots, it will continue to add more. The levels will go up automatically as you eat more dots. You play until all your lives are gone (you get three). When you do not have any more lives left you will get a Game Over screen. To play again, just tap the screen.

You can not turn the sound affects off but, they are controlled by your iPhone’s main volume so you can turn them down if you would like. There are not a ton of features with this one. You just basically play the game! The only problem I have had with it is that sometimes when I have eaten all the white dots, no more appear! Then it just turns into a game of cat and mouse! But, other than that…it is pretty fun! You can get MacMan through Cydia, it is in the BigBoss source.

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  1. the controls are a bit frustrating though..

    • Really? I didn’t think that they were that bad. Do you think they are too touchy or not touchy enough?

    • tilt control always seems to be frustrating, i thought they did a pretty good job though considering. i actually hate pacman but this game was kinda fun =]

    • The control is okay, but not best. I got frustrated sometimes, because I tried to get the Pacman go through the hole, but it did not, it went pass it, and I died:(

  2. You make more dots appear on screen by chasing down and eating the iPods/iPhones that start running around.

  3. are there any repos hosting this and Quake for 1.4 and Installer?

  4. Hi, i’ve install the MacMan but after i restart my iPhone, i can’t see the MacMan icon like what you show in your screen shots. any idea how to show the MacMan icon?

  5. I can’t find MacMan on cydia?