Pwnage working on Firmware 2.1

People have been asking what will happen to jailbreaking when firmware 2.1 is released by Apple (which is currently in beta testing). Well, good news! The Dev Team has already successfully jailbroke firmware 2.1 (see screenshot below). So, no worries, jailbreaking will still be available on the new firmware! Now all we need is Installer.


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  1. Just wondering…. I’m still on 1.1.4… I just don’t know what to do about 2.0… Is it better to wait for Installer to be available ? OR if I pwn now and get only Cydia, will I have to do the process all over again ?

    Opinions ?

    • If you are partial to Installer…I would wait until Installer is available on 2.0. Because, we not exactly sure how it is going to work when Installer is release….you may have to re-pwn your iPhone or they may release it through Cydia. We just have to wait and see.

    • Thanks a lot Brooke ! I LOVE playing around my iPhone but, if I get a chance to only do it ONCE, well it’s better for me. I’ll follow your advice !

    • i don’t see why you would have to re-pwn (you never have to rePWN it actually, just restore it with a new custom firmware). is, like the name, just an app, nothing speaks against it being downloadable via cydia.

      And for now, you will lose SOME of the fancy 1.1.4. installer-acquired apps, but gain the huge variety the appstore offers + some apps that bigboss already ported.

      i say go for it

  2. wha tever happened to those days where jailbreaking an iPhone was kinda hard and sort of a difficult process…. Am not complaining that is really easy now to do this stuff, I’m complaining about all those people that seem to be so scared to do anything… GOD!!!!

    • Haha…I remember back in the day, the first jailbreak! It is definitely a lot easier now. Which is great!

    • If this: “I’m complaining about all those people that seem to be so scared to do anything… GOD!!!!” was ment for me, let me just say this : I’ve opened and repaired my iphone 2 times (wifi and screen)…And it is working great… BUT NOW, my husband’s leaving me, and my son is in hospital…
      So, it’s not i’m too scared… but may be I simply do not have the energy right now… Sometimes, things are not what they seems…Think before speaking… and i’m beeing polite in respect to Brooke and Doug…

    • though I’m sorry for what has been happening to you, we’re talking iPhone related stuff, I’m complaining about people making big deals on the iphone… So before you open your mouth rhinkn before you speak… I’m also being respectful to the forum.

  3. ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

    Hi Brooke & Doug ;-) When 2.1 comes out will we have to run a fresh pwnage routine or will up-dating 2.1 be covered by pwnage?

    There are more and more bits appearing on cydia (can hardly wait for Installer as well) so well worth jail breaking in my opinion. Keep up the excellent work boys and girls ;-)

    • You never had an iPhone, how do you know so much about jailbreaking?:D haha… kidding… I think you just need to restore the iPhone with the new custom firmware using pwnage tool (If I’m not mistaken)

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      rocket, knowledge is power my friend ;-)

    • Nice. Mac fan?

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Absolutely a Mac fan. Who needs system crashes and gates digging deep into your PC registry ;-) You?

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Hey Rocket, just re-read my reply and it sounds dumb! What I was asking is whether you are a Mac fan as well, not whether you dug deep into PC registries!!!

      Or am I just being over protective :-(

      Any fellow English appleiphoneschool followers out there?

  4. hey i was wondering if since the dev team already jailbroken the new 2.1 i wonder if they know what new features r going to be in it

    • I heard that it’s supposed to fix the problems people were having with their iPhones freezing, acting slow, and SWODs

    • Sorry I meant to say “I have no idea when 2.1 will be released.”

    • Hmmm… It deleted my first comment. That’s weird.

      Anyway, I saw in an article that 2.1 will include possible turn-by-turn navigation features and possible copy and paste functions. I have no idea when it will be release, though.

    • It would be nice if they have copy-and-paste function. I’m dying for it:D Come on Apple!!

  5. so will the beta 2.1 when released to public be called 2.0.1 or 2.1.0?

  6. eljefe79 says

    hi douglas, i have an iphone8gb 1st gen update to 2.0 and pwned with 2.0.1, everything works perfect but the wifi doesnt work in my house, and in my office yes, what sould i do? i already change the 2 DNS options you give in other post ( … etc) and the phone recognize de router, do the connection and show full signal bars but doesn’t work, i want to know if is a comun problem between the pwnage 2.0.1 users, and it could be corrected in the next version of pwnage

    Thanks for the help and… sorry for my very bad english

    • eljefe79 says

      I tought this post was from douglas… sorry brooke

      still i need the help… thanks

  7. hey guys i have a question i have iphone_pc_suit and iPhoneBrowser.1.52 and they wont work on win vista, is there anyway to make them work? im trying to open my phone so i can put some files on there..

    thank you guys