iPhone 101 – Episode 9

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  1. Ha ha. Brooke is so serious during the blooper.

  2. Bige2333 says

    Yay! finally here! new episode wooh oo! lol puttin it now onto my iphone 3g to watch in the morning on my way to work =)

  3. FINALLY!!! lol

  4. Hey! great video!
    “2 weeks” ha im going to hold u 2 that! :)
    btw im about to upgrade to 2.0 from 1.1.4 and I just wanted to make sure that I can go back to 1.1.4 with my custom firmware. so if anyone knows plz tell me :)

    P.S. regarding the plooper I get that sometimes and im on 1.1.4 I always was wondering if I was the only one…

  5. Thanks to both of you !!! Great podcast ! Looking forward to the next one… :o))) (2 weeks ???) LOL

  6. I can’t get “click to play” to work. :(

  7. why don’t you make this wonderful site compatible (video-wise) for the iPhone ?

  8. hi! im jailbreaking my iphone 3g on winpwn and i was wondering if any of you guys can link me the custom boot logo of the pineapple thats under 100kb please i dont like the others i like the pineapple

    • u want the original colored pineapple?
      ur in luck!
      i extracted the PNG file right before i upgraded just in case
      if u give me ur email i can send it to u

    • its feross26@aol.com thanks man ill be waiting for it, i wanted the original white pineapple with black backround or colored pineapple with black background either is cool

  9. Mike Zappa says

    “that 2.0 software is so glitchy, its awful” … Love it!

  10. please give me a pineapple logo

  11. Ahhyeah! (pun intended lol). Thanks guy for finally producing this episode! My internet speed isn’t that great, so it is quite an agony to wait for the chunk to download :P But nevertheless, I got it in the end!

    Way to go guys!

  12. well done!

  13. good video

  14. Jonesyxxiv says

    I dont think the Facebook app is using the new push services at all. I think it only updates the badge when you open the app.

    • Yes, you’re right, still got the badge, sorry, that’s what part we were talking about. Wonder how they got that? Would be nice if others, say twitter apps, ebay, etc.

  15. brooke the netnewswire app does have a badge as well =p

  16. Dave Ansen says

    Guys, you two are really painful to watch on camera. You sit there like a couple in a Match.com commercial, focused much more on maintaining flirtatious energy with each other than actually conveying any interesting information on the iPhone. And what little info you do provide, you take FAR too long to detail. The pace is too slow for even my grandma.

    Please go watch CNET videos to learn how you’re SUPPOSED to give technical info on videos. Your on-camera personas need a lot of work…

    • who cares about CNET? and who cares about what you say?

    • Hey lets all pitch in and buy Dave Ansen a years supply of boxed tissues. Anyone?

    • SeijinZero says

      BOOOO!!!! BOOOO!!!! You’re no master of interpersonal communications yourself dude! Constructive criticism is supposed to be tactful. “TACT” look it up! CNET has a whole corporation, and they spend way too much time trying to be funny like the tools on G4. Doug and Brooke are adorable and charming, and their site is way more precise and organized. To be fair, I do agree shorter shows might be better. I could care less about it being 30 mins. instead of 20, but 700mb files are no good for anyone.

    • ha, after 5 years of marriage we still look flirtatious :) that’s funny ’cause we’re not “trying to maintain it.” Thanks for the compliment!

    • Bige2333 says

      lol i smell a hater! lol hmmm maybe someone is wishing they had a companion to be flirtatious with or maybe someone has a crush on brooke and cant stand it when doug charms brooke hahahaha….man why dont you just quit the lame remarks and stop coming to this site…apparently something is attracting you to this site for you to be even commenting in the first place…. that means appleiphoneschool is doing something right =]
      doug make sure u make a post of when u guys have an anniversary just for this guy with the lame comment hahaha

    • Brooke & Doug rule! I love their on-camera presence and pleasant speaking manner.

      Keep up the great work!

  17. Hey, do you 2 know of any websites that give up-to-date info about newly released apps in the App Store? In the video you mentioned something about twitter having one, but I’ve never really gotten into the whole twitter scene. Thanks

  18. Out of all that I picked up on 3 things..

    1. I despise you both because you got the iPhone 3G and I don’t.. (jealousy implied)

    2. Doug I envy you because you have a wife who is into the iPhone.

    3. Doug I noticed your sms tone was nice and loud.

    • I second that.
      My wife thinks my iphone is getting more attend than she’s getting. I fear leaving the phone by her. :) She might destroy it…
      Oh my kids are sick of it too.
      My 11 month old loves it though. The music puts him to sleep.

      As for the 3G…. no use for me. For one Tmobile does not have 3G and I hate ATT with a passion.

    • Bige2333 says

      Hey fear not my friend….apparently t-mobile will be establishing their 3 g network by the end of the year….hmmmm true?? false?? who knows…google it for more info

  19. Great job both of you. Keep it up

  20. SeijinZero says

    HEY! I have a good web app…. kinda. Fandango bought out movies.com about a month ago, and they made an iphone formatted site. I’ve seen a million movie-times apps in the app store, but it’s hard to beat the fandango site. it’s clean, simple, and fast over EDGE. You have to input your location via zipcode instead of gps, but big deal! The only thing it doesn’t do is let you bookmark favorite thearters

  21. nice video really you should do this often!

  22. geowarrior says

    Regrettably Pandora doesn’t work this side of the big pond!

    There website states

    “We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative.”

    Its based on your IP address so maybe it could be worked around with proxys etc

  23. “I am Doug. And I am Brooke” Nice, guys. You guys should do this more often:D

  24. Wade Beavers says

    This show is by far one of the most entertaining iPhone webcasts out there. It’s informational and has great dialogue. I suggest the guy that has an issue with the format can easily go watch other inferior videos on YouTube. Thanks Doug and Brooke for the show.

  25. Doug & Brooke,

    I notice that there is no link on your site on to contact you. Can you please email me or post a way that I can contact you rather than posting to one of the blogs?

    I love your site. It is very useful and I recommend it to anyone that I know that has an iphone. Glad to see that you finally updated to episode

    Fyi: I heard the reason there are lines at the Apple store is that they are still having a problem with the initialization of the phones with AT&T.


  26. The facebook app puts a badge when you open it. It won’t put the badge out of nowhere, you have to open the app, and if it sees you haven’t read a message, it’ll put a badge on the icon.

  27. Brook – You and Doug mentioned two apps I was interested but cannot find. Maybe I am spelling them wrong….Pandora and Shazam ??? Where can I find these in App store or better yet am I spelling them wrong…thax!

  28. Okay I think I found out WHY I cannot find this in the app store….!!! It seems certain things are not loaded in the Thai App Store…I guess they think I would be trying it out with Thai Music lol

  29. Great video guys…. finally a update since the release. Your video pumps me up 2 get a iphone but no luck so far….

    The Availability Site is NO LONGER!

    “This page will not be updated again as Apple has removed their 3G
    iPhone availability data via JSON and replaced it with a new lookup.
    This page was last updated on July 27, 2008 @ 9:45 pm EDT”

    So im back a square one waiting and calling to get bad news! :(

    Let me know if theres any other loop holes….

    Tx again for the update….


  30. hi, is there a way that you can reduce the size of your video ? its too much to download on a show basis (im in India :) )

    why dont host your show on youtube or soemthing ?

    or have a option of an optimised version

  31. just_jeepin says

    I haven’t gotten an iPhone yet (still deciding upon 3G or original) but was wondering does the Pandora app stream 128k on the 3G (I’ve heard it streams 32k on Edge… yuck)? The streaming music apps are the only reason I’d want the 3G iPhone, otherwise I’ll try to find an original iPhone.

  32. Andy Zuniga says

    hmmmm…..its been 15 days, didnt i hear a two week promise????

  33. I stumbled on this site recently and I gotta admit u have allot of usefull info. I hope u guys keep up with the updates :)