HPCalc 2.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

HPCalc is basically the craziest calculator application I have seen yet. And, as with all my calculator reviews, I will do my best to describe it! I probably only understand about 5% of this application so those of you who are like calculator gurus, go easy on me! :) When you open the application, it will open to a landscape calculator. As if that calculator wasn’t enough, you can select the HP icon in the upper right corner and get quite a few more options. On the main options menu you have the options; Select Calculator, Preferences, Constants and Unit Conversion.

If you select the Select Calculator option you will see that there are four calculators to choose from; HP 11C, HP 12C, HP 15C and HP 16C. In the Preferences option, you have the ability to; Turn keyclick on, Send Feedback and learn more about the application (though, the About option just crashes the app for me). In the Constants option you will find; Astronomical, Atomic, Electromagnetic, Physiochemical and Universal. Each of those five options have even more options within them. Back on the main menu, the Unit Conversion option allows you to conversion units of Temperature or Length. I personally can not tell you if the calculator works as it should since it took me like five minutes to even figure out how to type anything into it (you have to turn in on first!). So, you guys will have to let me know in the comments if you like this application and if it works as it should.

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  1. wow this calc is better then the appstore calc.. lawl.. look hackers will always have the upper hand

  2. I have one of those calculators (as I’m on fw 1.1.4 and in here is calculator is available as a separate packages instead of all-in-one) and, yes, it’s difficult to use.
    The calculators are HP Calculators ’emulators’
    My father had one of them years ago, and man, how difficult to use it was.

  3. This emulators have been available for the iPhone since november 2007. They work as expected, exactly as the HP “originals”.
    The HP 11-C is the scientific calculator, HP 12-C financial, HP 15-C is another scientific y HP 16-C is the programmer calculator. Check this site, you can even buy the original manuals

  4. No, thanks, too complicated for me:)) haha… I’m only able to use 75% of the scientific calculator available on firmware 2:D

  5. Those are the best calculators one can find. I, personally, cannot live without a 12C and a 15C. I was very sad and hopeless. I upgraded to firmware 2.0 and lost these emulators. I had to get my real HPs again. App store calculators are not even close. I agree with you guys, the learning curve is very steep, but there is no calculator in any place on this level.
    I cannot thank the developers enough.

  6. Great, but I’ll like that the last calc used gets as default.

  7. Thanks developers,
    I am about to purchase this calculator at leath $300.
    This calculator exactly same as real one.
    Working pretty good.
    Only one problem is every time I have to choose calculator.
    My friend want to change to iPhone because of this calculator application.

  8. Great calc, only bad thing is that you can’t save the last calc you used. You always start it on HP11 :/ Maybe next update we see a fix about that.

  9. Great tool, I can not reach the menu, when I touch the HP logo only the back view appears.

  10. Sounds cool, where can I download this app? The App Store doesn’t have it anymore. Can someone post their copy?