IntelliScreen 2.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99 to $49.99  

IntelliScreenIntelliscreen is now available for firmware 2.0 via Cydia. You need to add the Intelliborn source for Cydia which is I don’t notice any new features. Note that after installing you need to turn your iPhone off and back on to complete the install. At first I though I got the SWOD (spinning wheel of death) but after about 30 seconds the springboard re-sprang and everything was fine.

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  1. great news
    one of my favorite apps

  2. Same for me.

    Installation an re-retrieval of lizense worked great.

    Definetly one of the best apps for the iphone, and one of the reasons why i waited with the update until now ;)

  3. Paul D. Spradling says

    :D :) :D

  4. BEST APP now everyone should move to 2.0

    Off topic, anyone seen an update to Mymedia or Safari DL for 2.0, I miss the ability to download songs from Seeqpod. If anyone knows please provide a link

    Thanks all

  5. Intelliscreen was not free, right? Is it really free now?

  6. hmm i had this on 1.1.4 and it rocked….i put it on my now 2.0 and restarted but it wont show…???

    any ideas?

  7. HMM wierd
    I downloaded via CYDIA
    Let it install till the swirlying icon next to Wifi was done
    Closed the phone and rebooted
    clicked on the icon on the springboard
    And everything worked

    Not sure what is wrong Evan, maybe you need to unistall and reinstall

    Works GREAT on 2.0

  8. Horaay! Now all I need is MCleaner…then can sell my 1st generation iphone..

  9. it´s great

  10. Works like a charm! Now the iPhone feels more like a smart phone! Thanks for the news!

  11. applestar says

    It runied my perfectly configured 2.0 phone. I was a happy user with my 1.1.4 phone but I cannot recommend this right now … :( …hate that 3 hours restore now ..

  12. Not Free!

    $4.99 IntelliScreen 2.x Basic License – No Support
    $19.99 IntelliScreen 2.x Premium License – No Support
    $49.99 IntelliScreen 2.x Premium License – With 6 months Support

    This App ruined 4 times my iphone completly, “spinning wheel of death”, it conflicts with some apps, i´ll never use it, sure i liked it very much but thoses messed iphones, never again.

  13. Is it free now?

  14. Its a shame its not free, i mean we install 3rd party apps for a reason, because we can’t get them through apple, so why someone feels they can charge what i see as a ridiculous amount of money as alot of apps in the app store cost less than 4.99 and are of more use.

  15. i got it up now i needed to retrieve the 10 day trial license and now it works perfect…i will buy after free trial


  16. anyone else got the “bad URL” after trying to add source in cydia?

  17. kype, no. look for typos :)

  18. OUTSTANDING!!! Currently using my iPhone 1st Gen to test new Cydia apps as it’s jailbroken and my 3G is not. Works just as it did before on 1.1.x. This is the KILLER iPhone app. I missed it so much on my 3G. So after more testing…dare I Jailbreak my precious new iPhone?!?!

  19. Question for intelliscreen users. Can I view password protected RSS feeds with this? I’d love to see my company’s project management feed right on my “slide” screen, but it’s a password protected feed. So far, none of the free readers I’ve seen support feeds with password protection.
    ( I guess I can install it and find out for myself … here I go. )

  20. Did anyone else notice if this changed the font of the labels under their icons. I installed this and Installer at the same time, so I am pretty sure one of those two did something. After installing those, the labels under my icons changed, and the font of the time in the status bar changed. Not a big problem, just now some of my icon labels run into eachother. Hopefully I won’t have to wait for FontSwap to be ported, for me to fix it.


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