Apple Logo Light Mod

This is a sweet hack if I’ve ever seen one! I would love to have this on my 3G! So far this info is only for the 1st Gen iPhone. Below is a video of the end result (warning, not in English). It makes your Apple logo glow! I checked a little deeper and found out they are a company in Russia and it’s actually running separate from the light from the screen (battery drain?). They also provide custom designed backs, memory upgrades, and laser engraving. Now only if this was maybe a flash for the camera, flashlight, changed color, interacted with apps… Tell us what your ideas are!

Visit their site at (English translation)

Watch “iPhone’s Apple Light” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. William Shewfelt says

    AWESOMMEEE!!!!!! That is so cool. If only for the ipod touch……

    They could do a whole lot with that. I wonder how they did it though?

  2. Phil, Washington DC says

    cool, but I use the logo to see myself when taking photos.

  3. iphonejunky says

    dude i’d cough up a few dollars for that i luv it…crazy

  4. that is sick..!

    how much?

  5. That is blindingly bright, haha.

  6. Paul Zarate says

    that would be awesome, I guess the iPhone has flash now ;)

  7. Much too bright!

  8. deep!!!!

  9. looks fake to me if you ask me. The screen looks so bright and not turning off when she puts the phone on her cheek. this may be an empty iphone body with a menu-like pvc in front and a powerfull led inside.

    • i agree

    • the screen doesnt turn off when she puts the phone to her face because she isnt in a call. try putting your iphone to your ear when you are at your home screen. the screen wont turn off either.

    • Why would i or anyone put the phone on their cheek if they are not calling or in a call :?) fringing? well its clear that she is not fringing :)
      and take a good look. she is doing her best to not to show the fake screen to the camera.

    • is a cover-lit, you can see that the iPhone is longer .. You can find it easily on ebay …

  10. Would be cooler if it wouldn’t drain the battery, and it wasn’t in Russia.

    • I don’t mind if it drains the battery, but I do mind that it does not available anywhere else except Russia>.<

  11. I imagine that would get very irritating after a while.

  12. “warning, not in English”

    Warning, sharp blade; warning, deep river; warning, cliff ahead; warning, not for children; warning, might explode; warning, infectuous desease….those are expectd “warning” phrases, but “warning, not in English” didn’t sound correct, politically correct if you please. It sounded like you ment “beware, no civilisation beyond this point…no english spoken”.

    A good share of your readers come from other countries and English is not their mother thongue.

    And a good share of US readers will figure out after clicking on that link it’s not English they’re listening to :) The point of the video was to demonstrate that mod you just described, which was pretty straightforward and would be so even if Martians did the video presentation.

    My 2 ยข.

  13. DANNY BROWN says

    i am looking for an App that will allow me to search contacts agenda etc

  14. Old news…..

  15. Way too bright… and can this be turned off? otherwise using it in class would not work…

  16. jonesyxxiv says

    It seems too bright. It will be cool if it was dimmer something along the lines of the macbook pro. Also it would kill your battery life.

  17. Fake, light is too bringht its a dummy iphone with a bright flashlight inside

  18. This maybe fake but the mod is not… it is old news but still hard to obtain here in the U.S