CyCorder 0.9-2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

CycorderA reader recently sent us an email about a new app called Cycorder. Here’s what it had to say:

hey Doug and Brooke, I got this really cool app called cycorder and its pretty neat! I can use the iPhones camera to record video (only 16 frames per second, but you get used to it) only problem is that it doesn’t have sound. I was hoping you could check it out and see if you get sound. Or if you like the app with or without sound, could you do a review on it?

P.S. I am on an iphone 3G with firmware 2.0.2.

Thanks for the tip on the app Adam! I see it’s in Cydia. There’s lots of info there in Cydia about the app like the recording frames per second. It looks like the maximum frames per second is 15 but can be as low as 6 frames per second based on lighting conditions. It’s compressing the video file into a MJPEG file which. This file type supports audio so that’s not the reason you’re not getting sound. After reading some more in the details of the app in Cydia I found this sentence:

It is expected that audio recording will be done within the week and may be sold as a premium feature.

Well, I guess there’s your answer. As long as the app works well and is reasonably priced, I won’t mind if they charge. I guess we’ll see what happens. I still installed the app to see what it’s all about. The app is only 781.2kB so it doesn’t take long to download.

My impressions of the app are great. So far the video looks great when played back on an iPhone. The low light frames per second are acceptable and it does great in better lighting. Here’s the first video I took. You can download them from your iPhone in the /private/var/mobile/Media/Videos folder via SSH.

Let us know what you think. Once it has sound I’m sure it will be amazing!

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  1. sooooooo clear :D

  2. The creator is the same person that develop cydia, so i guess he would not change, instead make profit out of publicity.

  3. iphonejunky says

    i have this one on my 2G 2.0.2 and it works great i agree sound will make it rock

  4. I just want to be able to email the videos off.. I noticed iphonevideorecorder was released today as well.. although ‘share’ only shows youtube..

  5. Phil, Washington DC says

    yea, I purchased it and I thought I would be able to email the videos to myself. The you tube feature is cool but email feature would have served me better.

  6. awesome app, saurik! And thanks for the new MOON app!!!!

  7. everything jay makes rock! By far one of the best iPhone programmers that don’t work for apple. Always delivers quality apps with little to none bugs. Cydia, winterapps and the list goes on. This is waybetter than iPhone video. Sucks waiting for your video to process and less clarity , especially when panning.

  8. Christian Sørup Jensen says

    I downloaded this app a couple of days ago to my 1G iPhone, running firmware 2.0 , and I agree , the quality of the video is simply amazing ! Compared to the iPhone Video Recorder , this is significantly better ! But as Numberzz wrote earlier , adding sound to the program , wont that make it slower ? And in that case , will the app really rock as much as expected ?

  9. HirsuteJim says

    The app is a great first release! (BTW … How come your kitchen cabinets are all at different heights??? LOL)

    • ScooterMagoo says

      The one to the left is the microwave cabinet. If you had it the same height as the other cabinets, the microwave would be to low. Same with the cabinet above the sink. If that one was the same height, you would have to bend down and reach to wash your hands.

      I just had to respond because I fix and flip homes for a living.

  10. I would rather buy the app then deal with the ads that appear. It’s not a huge issue but just a perference.

  11. MaverickC17 says

    I really want to be able to email the videos. I usually take videos and email them to my account. I have Zannel video players on my FaceBook & MySpace pages. Without the ability to email it is almost useless to me.

  12. iPhone Video Recorder is available through App Store. I think it’s a ported version from 1.x.x but overall, the quality is good, I did not have any problem installing or using it:)

  13. on my 2.0.2 firmware when i tap Cycorder it shows “Cannot Locate Package” error and it say to install more sources. May i know which source do I have to install to be able to get Cycorder?

  14. To download the videos or any files from the iphone while connected via USB cable, try

    instead of having to ssh/scp

  15. Mike Maddox says

    Hey I just found this. Recording continues after u press the home button! Awesome.

  16. Mike Maddox says

    recording continues thru phone call. Sweeet!!!

  17. Mike Maddox says

    recording continues try a phone call!

  18. Hmm…. 16 fps. How much does iPhone Video Recorder have ?
    The 2.0 version just launched.

  19. iPhone Video Recorder website states up to 15 fps

    • From my previous experience with iPhone Video Recorder, Cycorder is much clearer. We’ll see what happens once sound is added.

  20. it doesnt support sound recording…even i have dat same problem

  21. it’s cooool i think it will be the best apps with the sound so i am waiting

  22. How could I load Cycorder to iphone? From what’s app store?