Leaf Theme for WinterBoard

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WinterBoardThe very popular leaf theme has been ported to WinterBoard, now with an illumintated background. This is a very well done theme. I have a few things I would like to see changed. I don’t like it when words are broke up. So I would change the Weather icon to be all one word. The author shows in the Text & Settings icon that this many letters can be squeezed in. Also, the new Installer doesn’t have an icon. Knowing the history of this theme, the author is quick to add icons, so I’m sure this will be updated soon. There are a few icons I’m seeing that are compatible already such as Winterboard, Palringo, Enigmo, World Racing GTS, Aqua Forest & MxTube. This is great! Of course there are over a thousand apps in the App Store now so it may take a while to get them all :)

One last thing that I don’t like is that the Leaf theme automatically makes the icon labels transparent. This is kewl for the icons that have labels but for all the others I have that aren’t in the Leaf theme, I have to go by the icon alone. Since WinterBoard already has the option of transparent icon labels, I think this feature should be left to be changed through WinterBoard.

For a personal touch I changed the background fading time to 10 seconds from 5. To do this I opened the Wallpaper.html file in the /private/var/stash/Themes.33YA0h/Leaf.theme folder and changed line 48 from setTimeout(fade, 5000); to setTimeout(fade, 10000); I also changed the transition time from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. This is done by changing line 18 of the same Wallpaper.html file from -webkit-transition-duration: 3s; to -webkit-transition-duration: 5s; After doing this you’ll need to respring.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression, this theme is very nice and well designed. Check it out in the screenshots below and watch for more updated icons in the future.

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  1. I don’t know… I had Winterboard installed on my 3G running fw 2.0.2 for a couple of days (with Time of Day and Glossy Keyboard), and it seemed to make the entire system slower. Pauses during transitions, delays in the keyboard… Now that I’ve uninstalled it, everything seems a little bit more snappy again. I don’t know if this is just my imagination. Either way, I’m going to avoid Winterboard for now.

    • You`re right man it happens to me as well,I don`t really know what causes this!!!

    • Before my iPhone apps kept crashing. Once I uninstalled Winterboard, everything was fine. I think Winterboard has a memory leak problem.

    • iphonejunky says

      yes i realized this the other day…it sucks i like all my custom stuff,themes, keyboard,chromium iphone, etc… hopefully this issue gets addresed soon.

    • the issue with changing backrounds is that it DOES run in the backround and takes up suffiecient processing power. i personally only had problems w/ winterboard when i put it and customize together. since spicychicken’s (the guy in charge of customize and summerboard) servers r still having issues, i just go off of winterboard. also most iphone apps require a certain amount of processing power just to start up, and if ur fading backrounds r taking up all of the processor, then the apps will crash. this problem is avioded by just keeping a single backround for the time being…. there isnt much that an update can do for the lag the changing backround causes

    • well, you guys need to upgrade to 2.2 and new winterboard. I really can not imagine my phone without winterboard. It doesn’t slow unless you’re using a theme with lotsa codes… I got my own theme, my background has like clock and stuff, nothing is slow… and also my iphone is 2G

  2. Anyone that updated to newer version of Kate will not be able to use Facelift (reflective dock, five icon dock) because it conflicts with winterboard. Anyway to get around this?

  3. I don’t think this is the place to post this question but since it is the first topic I think more people will look at this.

    Ok here is my question. On the new 4.0 installer can we only put on sources on the source page under new 4.0 Installer Beta sources or can we use the other sources too?

    • Just Installer 4.0.

    • sources hav to hav a different format when they host apps for 2.0 . Most repositories will not switch, so only the major sources lik bigboss and ispazio hav anything for u to install. old repositories will not even work on any 2.0.x firmware.

  4. Hey Doug!

    Thanks for your review. I just realised this icon label problem.
    When I put this info.plist file into my theme WinterBoard was not able to hide icon labels. So in the next update I’ll will fix it.

    For a quick solution if you delete the info.plist file in /Library/Themes/Leaf.theme then the icon labels will come back.

    I will revisit some of the oldest icons.. like Weat-her. I got your point there.

    Oh.. and on my blog people will always find the newest icons.


  5. This theme is a very detailed theme. I can see much effort put into this, but there is a small problem for iPod Touch users. There are missing icons for Music and Videos on the Touch, which are obviously integrated into iPhone’s iPod Feature.

    I’m suggesting that this theme could be more iPod Touch-friendly, and not just aimed at iPhone users.