Leaf Theme for WinterBoard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoardThe very popular leaf theme has been ported to WinterBoard, now with an illumintated background. This is a very well done theme. I have a few things I would like to see changed. I don’t like it when words are broke up. So I would change the Weather icon to be all one word. The author shows in the Text & Settings icon that this many letters can be squeezed in. Also, the new Installer doesn’t have an icon. Knowing the history of this theme, the author is quick to add icons, so I’m sure this will be updated soon. There are a few icons I’m seeing that are compatible already such as Winterboard, Palringo, Enigmo, World Racing GTS, Aqua Forest & MxTube. This is great! Of course there are over a thousand apps in the App Store now so it may take a while to get them all :)

One last thing that I don’t like is that the Leaf theme automatically makes the icon labels transparent. This is kewl for the icons that have labels but for all the others I have that aren’t in the Leaf theme, I have to go by the icon alone. Since WinterBoard already has the option of transparent icon labels, I think this feature should be left to be changed through WinterBoard. [Read more…]