Cydia 1.0.2567-32 Update

CydiaIf you’ve been noticing an error a lot in Cydia that looks like this: “POSIX: connection timed out”, you’ll understand why you need to upgrade to the latest version of Cydia. This issue has been fixed so just open Cydia, tap Changes, and select Cydia to update.

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  1. Paul D. Spradling says


    • This update solves the issue. Saurik has been working a lot this Memorial day weekend – he has updated Winterboard in addition to this. I am ready to uninstall Installer now! (not like I used it for anything but Kate, which I no longer use considering Intelliscreen and Saurik’s 5 dock icons)

  2. I tried to update Cydia since I was getting the error message and when the update started it crashed the Cydia program. The program actually closed out and then disappeared. Now I do not have the Cydia program and I have to quickpwn my phone again. Anyone know why this would happen?


  3. I tried to update Cydia, but i kept getting the spinning wheel of death and then it would lock up. I tried to reboot my phone, but it got stuck on the boot logo for a good hour. Had to pwn my phone again and everytime i tried to upgrade Cydia it would do that again. Took me a few restores to figure out that cydia installer update was causing this. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • steve anderson says

      as i have stated i and many other are having this problem the only workaround is the one one i have mentioned

  4. steve anderson says

    top on cydias repair list is the problem below everyone i know has problem with cydia this needs sorting out anything installed through cydia crashes iphone just as stated below its the only way to restart phone right carry on

  5. steve anderson says

    come on douglas help us out and help the thousands having this problem instead of ignoring us you have the site and resources to contact the developers nice you showing us all the new apps on cydia but none of us can try them out cos of this problem thanks again douglas

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