Categories 2.11

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CategoriesCategories helps organize your icons on your iPhone or iPod Touch into categories. This is yet another huge reason to jailbreak your iPhone. Instead of scrolling through pages of apps you can have one icon for games and then all your games show under one menu. You can pick the icon that represents your category or you can SSH some of your own icons in if you want. Just add them to /private/var/stash/Applications/ Today, a package came out in Cydia that adds the older icons from categories for firmware 1.1.4. I’m sure there will be more packages in the future. You can also go to our website, and get some to manually SSH in, that’s what I did. Gives you even more customizing options.

Another sweet thing with the new Categories is you can change the name of the category or the icon. Just tap edit and then the category and you’ll get the option. I also noticed you can have app names with spaces. I don’t think you could before. I did have my iPhone respring in the middle of setting up categories but it didn’t lose any of my settings. Let us know in the comments how you organize your apps. If you post a link to a screenshot in the comments I’ll convert them to show up, or you can use the IMG tag if you know html to post them.

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  1. Douglas, I really need your help please!
    I have a 2g 2.0.2 firmware jailbroken iphone.
    Everything is working perfectly the only thing that’s not right are the apps that are made my BigBoss..
    All of BigBoss’s apps including Categories aren’t showing in Cydia.
    I do have BogBoss’s source and I reinstalled it a lot of times. None of BigBoss’s apps seem to show up.
    I’ve tried to do a lot of things to fix this, but i really don’t know what to do and I’m out of ideas..
    I’d love to have Categories and BossPrefs, but I cant find them in Cydia :( !
    I’d really appreciate you help!

  2. Hi,

    I have a problem with changing the background. I replaced the original background.png with my favourite, but nothing takes affect. It´s still black.

  3. Hi,

    i also have the same problem as ‘AJ’……
    The app ‘Categories’ is not showing up in my Cydia. But when i went to the featured packages, the app ‘Categories’ is there, but when i click on it……this is what it say

    ‘ Cannot Locate Package ‘
    ‘ The Package ‘
    ‘ com.bigboss.categories cannot be ‘
    ‘ found in your current sources. I ‘
    ‘ might recommend installing more sources ‘

    i already have the BigBoss’s source, so can you help me, anyone?

    • Yea, we both have exactly the same case..

      I really hope that there’s a solution to this problem.

    • I also have the exact same problem. I was able to install other apps but not Apps from BigBoss. I already have the source. It is updated and i also tried to reinstall it again. Can someone please help!!!! :((

  4. where do i download this

  5. i finally decided to jailbreak and cydia bricked my phone, twice.

  6. This app. rocks. Works perfectly on my iphone 3g, as do most, if not all of the other apps ive gotten via bigboss.

  7. Mines not nearly as good but I created something like this waaaaay before this.

  8. hi, I heard of some serious problems on the 1.x firmwares running categories with other programs like stacks and dock. I love dock on 2.0.2 and would like to install categories too if there are no conflicts. I don’t want to experiment and accidentally brique my phone since I won’t have enough time to fix it in the near future. so could somebody anybody please hit me a message or reply in this forum whether there are any compatibility issues with categories and dock. is anybody running them simultaneously right now? plz hlp

  9. yeshuamyking7 says

    I’m guessing the answer is no, but is there any way to put your webapps into categories? They don’t seem to show up in the list.

  10. can someone help on the 1st reply (AJ’s post)? I’ve been fixing this problem for 2 days now and I don’t seem to find any solutions at all…….

  11. yes i had downloaded this app but i restored my phone and i totally forgot to take the apps out of the categories and now them apps are hidden and i cant get to them? any one have this problem?

  12. I have a weird issue that no one has mentioned, so maybe it’s just me. I installed Categories last night and it worked perfectly. Then I installed Kate, and for some reason my Phone feature kept crashing whenever I opened it. It would open to the dialer, but not show any labels on the bottom for Contacts, Voicemail, Favorites or any of that stuff, stay open for like a second, and then just revert back to the Home screen. And whenever I tried resetting my Springboard, it would jumble the icons. So I uninstalled Kate, and now ALL of my icons are back on my Springboard, but Categories AND the Folders are still there, with the icons in the Folders too!! So instead of reducing the icons, I now have extras!! I’m afraid of uninstalling Categories and then suddenly losing all the programs even though they’re still on my Springboard. Help?

    • Oh just to clarify, after I uninstalled Kate, my Phone feature works fine now…but it’s just the Categories that seems to be malfunctioning…

    • After uninstalling kate. My icons still jumbles. What do i need to do?


  1. […] Categories: I had like 30 game apps installed on my phone, but is was annoying to try to find a place to put all those since I rarely used them. There were also apps that I used very rarely, but I really liked having installed on my phone so they were easy to access at those rare occassions. It’s annoying though to keep having to rearrange those apps to make room for new more important apps, but categories solves that. Instead of 3 screens getting filled up with game apps, now I’ve got one icon that’s like a normal folder icon that lets you keep all those apps in one small place. […]