Who is Hot? 1.2

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Who is HotWho is Hot? has recently been updated so I thought I’d write about it. We did a little review of it on an iPhone 101 Episode but here’s a little more in depth review. First, I must tell you this is a weather app. I know the title may seem to suggest otherwise but this app has to do with temperature, not looks :) It takes all your contacts and based on their location, gives you their current temperature. With the previous version, this was based on address only but the new version also takes info from the first 6 numbers of your phone number, which includes the area code, to determine your location. Just remember that if you have a friend or family that has a cell phone from one city and has moved to another and kept their number this might make things less accurate.

When you first open the app it brings you to a list of your contacts sorted by name. The first contact is yourself; tap it to update your location. Across the bottom you can sort the list by first or last name, temperature, or distance from your current location. There is a nice scroll bar section on the right that will scroll you through your contacts faster by letter, temperature range or distance range. Each contact shows lots of info including an icon representing current conditions, city, state, and country, distance from current location, temperature and their picture. You can also tap the person’s name to see their contact info, or tap the current conditions icon for more details about their current weather from the Weather Underground iPhone formatted website right in the app.

The little “i” in the bottom right corner takes you to settings where you can turn off the feature that detects location by phone number. You can also switch to metrics. There is a scroll wheel at the top so you can pick which contacts the app uses. I can only see “All Contacts” so I’m assuming this works only with Exchange type contact lists. The applications seems to be getting a little cluttered but is still a fun little app.

Last but not least, you an tap the Weather Underground logo in the upper right corner to go to their iPhone optimized website right inside the app.

Click here to download Who is Hot? via the App Store.

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  1. Pretty cool for a free app, I am sure it’ll get better as they keep improving it, hopefully.

  2. what weather underground really needs to do is put out an actual weather app. this is just stupid.

  3. ok this is totally off topic but, IS THERE A WAY TO GET THE “DRUMMER” APP ON 2.0 AND UP? this is the app that i miss the most from the old 1.1.4, im currently on 2.0.2 and I NEED THIS APP!!! lol thnx

    • there’s a Drum Kit app
      And there’s always band.
      I’m not sure what Drummer did in 1.* but I can assume that it was not a lot different from Drum kit

  4. Seems fairly interesting, but does look a little cluttered. As unstable as app installs have been as of late on my Touch, I really have to screen out these types of programs.

  5. Isnt WeatherBug better than this….?

    • WeatherBug is only good for people who still use antiquated measurement systems eg: Fahrenheit, as opposed to metric, which is not supported. Again another US centric app. The world is growing tired of it people!!!!!

    • I think this app is more for fun than a full weather app. I wish Weatherunderground would make one…

  6. I agree, come on Weatherunderground we are looking for you!

  7. love it! Weather Underground has one of the best mobile websites for the iphone and i’ve been using it forever…..all this app needs is motion radar like the website. (i haven’t tried this yet so it might have it)