Lightsaber Unleashed

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

LightsaberLightsaber Unleashed, formerly known as PhoneSaber, has made it’s way back into the App Store. If you recall, it was removed a while back due to some copyright issues with Star Wars. Well, it seems that the two (the developer and the Star Wars people) have worked together and come up with Lightsaber Unleashed!

When you open the app you get a Star Wars splashscreen and then an info screen. Once you have selected Lightsaber, you will get the main app screen. Here you can pick between 5 characters each with their own light saber color, picture and even a bio about the character! Once you have selected your character, it will bring you back to the main screen where your saber will then light up. You can make it full screen by selecting the lightsaber option on the lower menu bar. There is even an option to turn on some nice Star Wars sound effects. If you tap on one of the two blue stars you will even get a few Star Wars sayings…pretty cool! Overall, not too bad. I’m glad it’s still free and that it is back in the App Store!

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  1. idk why ppl like this app so much….

    • me either… a three year old can hold ANY phone and make light saber sounds with his mouth
      OH SNAP!!!!! im so gonna copyright that! i called it first!!

    • DJContagious says

      lol, i sometimes think it too, i guess something that iphone owners’ kids can play with, or just something to annoy someone with

      it also portrays one of the million abilities the iphone is capable of

  2. Tried to install and a pop up said Only works on firmware 2.1, you must update your firmware. Currently I’m on 2.0.1 JB Unlocked waiting for winpwn to go to 2.1.

    Will install after I update. Thanks for the info.

  3. The old app was 20 times better, this one has 3 instead of 5 of 6 sabre colors and is full of merchandise s***. DONT UPGRADE

  4. Is it possible to have it also on iPhone with 2.0 software or is 2.1 necessary?

  5. How about that cool Star War theme music which I did not see mention in the airtcle. I love the star war theme