The iPhone Reaches 29 More Countries

Apple Starting today, Apple is launching the iPhone in 29 more Countries! This will bring the total Country count to around 73 Countries. Below is a list of the 29 new Countries…welcome to the iPhone community!!

    • Botswana
    • Brazil
    • Cameroon
    • C. African Republic
    • Croatia
    • Dominican Republic
    • Egypt
    • Equatorial Guinea
    • Guinea
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Ivory Coast
    • Jamaica
    • Jordan
    • Kenya
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Madagascar
    • Mali
    • Malta
    • Mauritius
    • Nicaragua
    • Niger
    • Panama
    • Russia
    • Qatar
    • Senegal
    • South Africa
    • Turkey
    • Venezuela

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  1. Hi there . Just to inform you that tiny Luxembourg is missing on your list official launch is tonight at 6 pm …

  2. Its great that iphone’s reaching thru out the countries
    just wish apple can reach apple fans in tiny countries like The Maldives.

  3. That’s how it is in Turkey:

    8gb 279 TL 16gb 479 TL Monthly fee 75 TL (150 minutes – 150 sms – 3gb internet)

    8gb 189 TL 16gb 379 TL Monthly fee 115 TL (500 minutes – 500 sms – 3gb internet)

    8gb Free 16gb 195 TL Monthly fee 145 TL (1000 minutes – 1000 sms – 3gb internet)

    2000 extra minutes to spend in weekends (a month) for 3 months at the first packet, 18 months for the last two.

    18 months contract. All Includes features such as Free personal assistance service for all kinds of subjects from health to insurance etc…

    1 $ = 1,2325 TL

  4. So which countries now sell the iPhone unlocked out of the box from Apple (“legally”)? And where is it the cheapest? My friend bought one in Czech Republic for about 500 euros which seems not too awful.

    • The best is Hong Kong but you would need to have an address in Hong Kong or have someone buy it for you. See Hong Kong Apple site.

  5. I lived in Guinea for two years. I CANNOT BELIEVE they are getting the iPhone. The thought of a line in Conakry for an iPhone is hilarious. I don’t even know where they would sell it. They barely have any shops, and the phone companies are all corrupt. (Note: This does not change the fact that Guinea is a beautiful and fascinating country with wonderful people. Because that’s all true, too.) I’m just sayin…!

  6. Here’s some intersting news from hong kong.

    Apple Hong Kong are now selling the iphones with no contract whatsoever.
    The price is $5400hk (US 669) for the 8GB and $6200hk(US797) for the sixteen GB.
    They are totally open to any network provider. All you need to do is insert your simcard.

    However, the prices are rather steep but it does give you free reign over your choice of provider and no lock in contracts.

  7. let me know if u want one because maybe we can make an arrangement to ship some over to where u r.
    I know it takes some serious trust but maybe there is a way im not out to sting anyone. This world is falling apart without my help :-)

  8. How about a review on all the many apps that came out that allow you to tether your phone. There are at least 3 in Cydia already. I’ve tried one of them, and it didn’t work so well, so I went back to NetShare, but NetShare is a bit of a pain to setup. Some of the Cydia apps offer one click solutions.

  9. I’m from Brazil and the prices here are out of question. Lucky I’ve bought my 2G in EUA last year.

  10. WOW.. lol i want to know how many they will sell in KEYNA lol

  11. South Atrica released today.

  12. We are on firmware 2.1 and have written articles and posted videos of the jailbreak procedure.

  13. you can get an official unlocked one here from Turkey too.

  14. Just to inform you guys that Panama is not selling the iphone yet, there may be a mistake on the list of countries.

    • hey jorge can you let me know when panama gets the iphone 3g i am curious becuase i might be moving there in the future and just curious when it will be released! thanks man

    • According to Movistar it should be available ending October, but again the first release date was September 26. I have a friend that works there and he is telling me that they are having a lot of problems with the shipments.

  15. Here in Brasil, the averange prices for 3G iPhone are:
    U$1000 – with U$80 montly limited Data and Voice
    U$ 500 – with U$320 montly unlimited Data and Voice
    All phones are carrier locked….

    Not for “everybody” :-)

  16. am wondring how will apple sell the iPhone in Eygpt, Jordan and Qatar with no Arabic language ????
    could that be !!! I dont think they will publish new firmware since 2.1 is a week old !!

  17. just visit much better site


  19. It is still not in Dominican Republic, and the apple page doesn’t say it is either..

  20. Well great..

    I dont know why Kuwait didnt get it… Im really pissed off. Here in Kuwait we have on of the biggest telecom companies ; Zain
    I hope we get it!

  21. Madagascar? No nothing here. This list is incorrect |-(

  22. will it be coming to this countries at the same price apple has it for usa or what ever price the countries company decide?

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