Stack 2.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Happy Monday!! It seems there have been a few apps added to Cydia over the week-end but, lets start with Stack. We have know for a little while now that the developer of Stack was getting close to a release and it seems it has finally arrived!

Stack is an application that will stack applications on the lower right of your iPhone screen. When you tap the stack, it will display the apps (think Leopard). You can then select the Settings icon (when the stack is out) and it will give you a few options. The Settings option includes the ability to turn on a curved stack or grid stack (see screenshots below). I actually really like the grid option but, I had an issue with getting into the Settings while using the grid option. I don’t know if you experienced they same thing or not, but it was basically impossible to get back into the Settings!! I was able to get into the Settings by removing a few of the icons from my Dock.

Stack comes stock with the Contacts, Weather and Settings apps. You can add more applications to the stack my just dragging them onto the stack. If you have more than five apps in the stack, it will automatically use grid mode. To remove an app from the stack, just drag it off. The only thing that I found to be an issue is that in order to have Stack work absolutely perfectly, you will want only two icons in your Dock. You can have three or four but three will make it overlap slightly and four will put an icon behind Stack which makes it difficult to launch that application. Also, when you add an application to Stack it does not remove that app from your SpringBoard so, you will want to use Poof to hide that app on your SpringBoard. Overall, the app is super easy to use and works great! I had no issues with glitching, adding, removing and launching an app using Stack.

Note: Doug discovered that if you would like three icons in your Dock and have Stack line-up correctly, you can add a blank icon as your forth icon in your Dock. It looks a lot nicer and allows for three icons in the Dock instead of just two. You can download blank icons via Cydia. The title of the package is Blank 1 (there are more if you would like more than once blank icon). You can get them through the Steffwiz source.

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  1. installed it last night. It’s really cool!! Fast response, doesn’t lag at all

  2. DJContagious says

    I wouldve really liked ACTUAL dragging-of-apps into Stacks instead of it making a duplicate. Theres no point of using it if you have the original icon there too! :)

  3. can u create multiple stack icons instead of using a blank icon in the dock on the left?

  4. Just tested and my phone jammed! Nothing work anymore! Need to restore my iPhone, beautiful app ? \o/

  5. I put the icon Finder (download from Cydia) as the 4th icon behind the Stack. So it labels as Finder and a nice Finder icon when you activate Stack.

    • Forgot to mention that I use the Leopard theme that was recently removed from Cydia so it looks like a Nano MacBook.

  6. I’m loving Stack! I was a little skeptical at first, just because I wasn’t sure if I was gonna use it to it’s full potential. But now that I’ve had it on my iPhone for a couple of days, I love it! Why? Because it works great with Categories(an app that lets you put icons on your homepages in a folder). So if you can imagine, both apps working together does one heck of a cleanup! And with quick response and no lag from Stack, it makes it really hassle free to use. So, I now only have 1 1/2 pages of homescreen icons, and I still have a crap load of apps and games but they are all neat and together in folders/Stack. I highly recommend everyone to use BossPref, Categories, and Stack all together, they’re a great team of apps!

  7. Installed last night had no problems, but did not like the fact that can not be moved, so five icon (remove) does not look good. Created a empty category for the fourth icon, looks and works great.

  8. an-idea-transcended says

    this app is great… i agree, the responsiveness makes it much more user-friendly than Categories, although they are best utilized as a pair.

    I got things working with five icons on my dock… just had to play around with my icons a little… shrunk the fourth slightly so it didn’t overlap with the stack and put a blank webapp under the stack as the fifth icon.

    the improvements i’d most like to see are:
    1. the ability to move the stack to any of the five dock positions.
    2. confirmation on deleting an app from the stack. (a simple popup notification yes/no) because sometimes a random drag could delete an app and then if it’s hidden from the springboard it gets annoying to add it back again.
    3. move the settings into a separate app or, even better, move it into the Settings app itself.

    • Great ideas for the app! I have seen where the advantages of the changes you mentioned would be great as I have experienced the same. I still love stack, though :)

  9. installed this on mine over the weekend… but when the stack was collapsed.. it showed /all/ of the icons bunched up at the bottom…

  10. What happens with the leaf theme on? Is there a way to have the stack not have icons but a single name, or will you end up with a ton of Letters stacked together … I guess I can find out … here I go!

  11. just a side trick you guys could use to make stack work w/ 3 icons on dock…. put 4 icons on dock, but the one that is overlapped u can put IN stack so the other three are out of the way and u can still access the app that is covered by the stack icon :)

  12. DEFINITELY shows potential. Few little tweaks, and it’ll be amazing.
    It needs to BE an icon itself.

  13. I’ve got four icons on my dock using stack – in addition to stack. It allows me to have a clean home screen. Views with my modified Fresh theme below: (I cannot paste them into the response so I have to link them – after they are moderated :) )

  14. i think if the guys that made categories merged with the guys that made stacks we could have an amazing program.

    Stacks made me see that screen Doug did an article on a while back about springboard crashing…..only did it once and a restart fixed the problem but i like my 5 icon dock too much to use stacks so i deleted it. Now i have everything organized neatly into folders with categories, but i wish it was a little faster about opening the folders…..

  15. will cydia work on a 2nd gen iPod touch yet or not?

  16. i cant get 4 icons (including stack) to appear in the dock, without the 3rd icon half hidden behind stack. i even uninstalled five icon dock (and rebooted) and even tried no winterboard theme to see if 4 icons fit properly (as shown in a screenshot above) without any of them overlapping but they still do. can someone plz help?

  17. nvm, i solved it. i didnt understand dough’s update of the blank app. i thought including the blank app and stack, u can have only 3 icons neatly in the dock. but now i understand and have 4 proper icons (5 including the invisible blankapp icon) in the dock. thanx :)

  18. i wish it was harder to delete the apps from stack. I always drag it away by accident and i have to re do all the apps in again. Besides that its a great app!. how many apps can it hold in that square mode?

  19. shake controll says

    ok i really liked stacks but after a while i figured out it was useless so i tryed to uninstalled in cydia then i rebooted but it stills there and nohing seems to make it disappear…. so please help me because i want to remove it!!

  20. mindovermedia says

    what about the blank uninstalled applications in stack? i cannot remove them! plz help!

  21. I installed stacks and it was working fine the first day and then the next day it got stuck on grid mode i tried to reinstall and remove but it will not get off of the grid mode please help

  22. what are the sources needed for stack on cydia? i have been looking online all day and no website has said anything yet. can you help me?