Facebook 2.0

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FacebookFacebook has release an update to their application for the iPhone. Don’t be confused, this is not their web app, which a lot of people thought was more functional than the app from the App Store. With the recent update, there’s no competition. There are a ton of new features. One of my favorites is the sub-menu under the News Feed that allows you to scroll it from right to left. One feature I have had troubles with is the chat tab. Sometimes when selecting a friend, the application crashes. Here’s the complete list of features from the upgrade page:

– Notifications (don’t confuse this with the future feature from Apple. This is just access to the notifications section in Facebook
– The full News Feed
– News Feed story comments
– People search
– Friend requests
– Photo tagging
– Photo captioning
– Photo posts to your friends’ Walls
– The full Mini-Feed, now combined with The Wall
– Your entire inbox, plus the sent folder and updates tab
– Inbox search
– Message attachments

Here are a bunch of screenshots showing some of the new features:

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  1. iphonemaster9 says

    i love the new interface!!

  2. I feel like facebook is apple and myspace is microsoft. As hard as nyspace tries they can’t beat facebook. Which sucks because I use myspace more then facebook and I really would love to have some of re really cool features facebook has.

  3. I noticed the the friend requests (and maybe notifications) doesn’t work to well. I see i have a friend request on the actual facebook website but it yet has loaded on my iPhone app and it has been at least 15 minutes and i still don’t have it (even after updating it constantly)

    • i have the same problem. good to know i’m not the only one. though my facebook app was having issues…

  4. It has a huuuge bug. People who are waiting for your authorisation to be added to your friend list can be fully explored (even you can’t view their profiles from pc you can from iphone). And the biggest bug is if you tag someone from one of those unapproved peoples photos, facebook will alert the person tagged but instead of giving your name as the tagger it will give the photo owners name as the tagger…

  5. this is what it should have been in the first place. its a really great app and fun to use. i like it better than the actual website tbh

    now if only i could send and view bumper stickers…

  6. iphonejunky says

    i love the new interface but when i go to chat it will not send messages..dont they test this stuff before release….

  7. I just installed it and after entering my info it just stays on LOGGIN IN…
    Is anyone else having this issue?? :(

  8. Having the same problem here. I have installed and uninstalled a few times. But when I try to log in it stays on LOGGING IN screen and nothing happens.

    Anyone know what the problem could be

    • I had this same problem, but when i connected to a wireless network it logged in fine… could be the 3g or edge that just can’t seem to cope first time round. I stay logged in and it works fine now… even on 3g and edge.

      Hope this helps

    • I’ve tried everything. I’m on a wireless connection, my myspace app works. It’s just the facebook app, it stays on the logging in screen.

      It’s starting to drive me up the wall.

      I’m thinking that they are having the same problem that the ebay app had. ebay just updated their app because of this same problem.

  9. just respring and you should solve that problem.

  10. Lewis England says

    I really want someone to make a Mob wars application app just like this one. I am sad and try to get on mob wars every day cos its like the only facbook application i am good at and find good at the mo. but if there was an app, i would be a lot happier *hint*