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Grocery iQ Lately I have been trying to get into the habit of using my iPhone to create my shopping lists (I’m totally a paper and pencil shopping list kind of girl). If you are anything like me, then you have tried using a few different application for making your shopping list. Yet, I tend to find each one lacking is some way. Well, not any more! I have been testing Grocery iQ for a while now and must say that I am becoming a huge fan. It has basically all the features I could want in a shopping list application and even a few I hadn’t thought of!

When you first open Grocery iQ, you will be on the main List page. The first thing you will get is a nice hint menu instructing you on how to use the List feature. You can choose to hide the hint (which will hide it until you close and reopen the application) or you can choose to not show the hint again. Adding an item to the list is easy, just select the + icon in the upper right corner and search for the item you are looking for. The database is extensive and detailed. I personally like to go with the basic Kleenex Tissue option and not the Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissue; 3 Ply option. Only because I already know which kind I am going to get! If you find that something you need isn’t on the list you can quickly add it to the list by selecting Done in the upper right corner.

Once you have selected an item that you would like added to your list…you can add specifics based on that items. So lets say you add Tomatoes to your list, you can then enter the variety of tomato, the size, the aisle tomatoes are located in your store, the quantity and even your own notes about the item. These option changes based on the product. I personally love the ability to add notes to the items (a feature my current shopping list apps does not have). Once you have all the info entered about an item, select Save in the upper right corner and the item will be added to your list.

On the lower menu bar you will notice a few more options; Favorites, History and Aisles. Favorites and History are two feature that allow you to quickly choose items to add to your list. If you almost always get Avacados when you go to the store (as we do), you can add it to your Favorite which then allows you to quickly add it to your shopping list without searching for it every time. The Favorites option takes a little time to set-up but once you do, it makes things much faster. The History option is also nice.

When you are finished at the store, you can select the Grocery Cart icon, while on your list menu, and you are able to clear your list. When you clear your shopping list, the items are added to your History. This allows you to quickly go into your History and add items to your current shopping list.

Another great feature is Aisles. In the Aisles option, you are able to create new aisles, delete aisles and arrange the aisles. I LOVE this feature. Every item that you add to your shopping list will ask you to choose an aisle…your items are then put in order by aisle on your list. Now, what I love is that if my store doesn’t have a certain aisle or I know that I will never use a certain aisle such as Beer, Wine & Spirits, I can delete it off the list. I can also create new aisles that my store has that are not on the list. But, the best feature of all is that you can arrange the aisles based on the order they are in your store. That way, your list is right in order and you can go right down your list as you shop! It’s really sweet!!

Overall, I really really like this application. I honestly can only think of one option that I think the application is missing and that is the ability to have multiple stores and/or lists. But, the developer says that version 1.1, due to be released in late October, will have that option!! Also, version 2.0, due to be released in mid to late November, will have the ability to for sharing/syncing lists to other iPhones via a free service hosted by Grocery iQ servers. The only thing Doug would like to see now is the ability to add a photo to items (he thinks that will help him when I send him to the store for something!!). Grocery iQ is definitely an application worth it’s $4.99.

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  1. Very nice….sounds like I might just ahve to buy this one

  2. I’ve tried several of these type apps, and they always seem like either too much or too little. The aisle feature seems like overkill. I’ve actually been using the free Zenbe list program for all my shopping, not just grocery shopping. With online lists, sharing of lists, and the ability for my wife to add/remove items on her phone also, or through the web tool at any time, it’s just a win/win. Now we have shopping lists that she updates on her computer throughout the week, and then we can just do a final check on the iPhone before heading to the store.

  3. Sounds like a great app, only thing missing is the recipe function. The app is however not available here in Sweden :(

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