Dames 1.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Dames Well, it seems that Dames has made it’s way back into Cydia! And this time it works great! Dames is a Checkers application that allows you to play against your iPhone or against another player. When the app opens, you get a nice splashscreen and then the main menu. On the main menu, you have four options; Quick Start, Match, Double and Rules. The Rules option will give you info on how to play Checkers (Dames) and the rules of the game. The Quick Start option allows you to quickly start a game…which will be against the iPhone.

The Match option allows you to play against the iPhone however, you are given the ability to choose between three difficulty levels, (easy, medium and hard), four board options (Wood, Marble, Grass and Street) and whether you would like to have the white or black checkers. The Double option allows you to play against another player. When selected you have the option to choose your board and whether you would like to have white or black checkers.

Once you have made your selections, you can tap Play!. This will bring you into the game. The person who has the white checkers will move first. To move a piece you just tap on it and then tap on the square you would like it to move to. You know it is a piece that can be moved if when you tap on it, it gets a red pin in it and the box will highlight.

You also have the ability to go back moves or restart the game. You will notice at the bottom of the board there is a little menu. In this menu you have the ability to restart the game. If you would like to go back one play, you can select the < button. The << button will bring you back two plays (so, one play from each player). Once you have gone back a play you can then go back forward a play by using the > button. You can also get back to the main menu at any time by selecting the Menu option.

The only aspect of the game I do not like is that if you can jump your opponents piece….you have to jump it!! I know, those are probably like the official rules but, I totally lose every time now that I have to jump if there is one! Other than that, it is just like normal Checkers. Once a game is over you are given the option to restart the game or you can go back to the main menu. If you like Checkers this is definitly a game worth checking out!

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