WinterBoard Themes – KillSignRetroBlue and Ironman

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There have been a couple themes in WinterBoard recently that I think are note worthy. The themes are KillSignRetroBlue and Ironman. Both of themes have quite a bit of modding in them. The KillSignRetroBlue theme includes icons (though the YouTube icon does not work…you will have to manually SSH in and capitalize the “Y” in YouTube icon…then it will work), custom battery, HUD, Closebox, badge and sliders.

The Ironman theme does a ton of modding as well…lock screen, wallpaper, battery, sms balloons, slider, weather screen, sounds, load screens, dialer….etc. Honestly, I’m not huge on theme Themes (and this one is a little on the boyish side :)) but, I got word that this was cool so I thought I would pass it along! Check out the screenshots below.

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  1. Brooke,
    How did you take a picture of the locked screen? I’ve been trying to do that forever but I can’t find an easy solution. Let me know.

  2. i think my favorite part of the ironman theme is the battery…

  3. The Ironman sounds do not work on my Gen.1 iphone. Anyone else have that problem??

  4. La r-put* madre, pedazo de for*o ¬¬
    Descargué el tema Blue Y NO PRENDE!
    Cuando terminó, me mandó a reiniciar el dispositivo, clickeé y me reinició, pero se queda en la manzanita de Apple!!

    Díganme cómo hago para resolverlo, por favor.