iPhone 3G Unlock Progress?

Dev TeamAs we were traveling today, we learned that the Dev Team had some new info about the progress of the iPhone 3G unlock. We are finally settled for the night so, I thought I would let you know what the Dev Team has posted on their blog today. Though they have made progress, they still do not have any estimation on when there will be a software unlock available for the iPhone 3G.

“Here’s a screenshot of a 3G iPhone whose baseband has been modified. And even though it’s modified — and fails the integrity check — it’s still running. Can you guess where the patch was made?

Running modified baseband code is a very useful ability, but it’s still not possible to accurately estimate how close we are to the ultimate goal.”

To see a video of the session mentioned above…check out the Dev Team’s blog.

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  1. Jim (Absinth Minded) says

    Nice… Just a matter of time!!!

  2. A friend of mine who is a cell phone retailer sent his software unlocked, but restored 2G iPhone back to Apple for repair. They detected the unlock and refused to fix it. There are new hypercards now available that are very thin, do not require sim card cutting, and will not do any damage to the iPhone SIM holder. I’m starting to feel this is the way to go. I always had a software unlocked 2G. Now I’m having second thoughts about software unlocking my 3G.

  3. What’s the point of unlocking the iPhone 3g device?
    I mean the device is available in many countries and soon is coming to more, also Apple is already selling an internationally unlocked iPhone 3g and it is now available in most shops. All of us know about the issues that the regular iPhone faced after unlocking, such as unlucky ppl who got the infamous error 1011 which until now has no 100% fix, baseband damaging, applications crashing, wifi issues and the list go on and on. Also the bad/incorrect usage of unlocking methods could be fatal and may place the device in a permenant brick. For example, i read on many forums about ppl who damage the phone due to bad usage of unlocking methods. To my opinion i think we should stick to only jailbreaking the phone so we don’t face the risk of damaging the baseband/bootloader or any other stuff.

    • How about stay away from iphone period! Mine is going up for sale… moving to android.

      The issue about damaging your iphone while unlocking is a lie. You can recover from any error code.

      The Dev team needs to go back to Zibiri (What is his name). The current error here looks like the first error they had with 1st gen phone. He helped out then. I say they all swallow their pride and get to work.

  4. u can check on any forum just type in error 1011. I am not saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE to recover from it there are ways such as erasing baseband and the “test point method” but none is 100% effective and may not even work, depending on the amount of damage that is.

  5. so that not to compare baseband of the equipment that sells in Italy and China, which they estan without blocking?

  6. Great info! Thanks Don’t forget, if you’re unlocking your iPhone 3G – make sure you use an unlock like this one so that you can reverse it and use your Apple Warranty if need be.