WootWatch for Today’s Woot-Off!

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WootWatchWe’ve wrote about Woot before with the application called Woot Assist but with today’s woot-off I’ve found something better called WootWatch. If you’re not familiar with Woot, they sell one item per day at bargain prices until it’s sold out, then you have to wait until the next day for a new product. Every once in a while they do a woot off where once the item is sold out they do a different one all day long.

WootWatch is very nice. At the top you get a nice image of the item, and if there are two images you can swipe to see the other. Double tapping the image brings it full screen, then just tap the x to go back. Under the title is the item’s title and price. Swipping up on the title brings up the full description full screen. Tap the title again to go back. There is a refresh button in the bottom left, and a W! button in the bottom right that takes you to the full site in Safari. The center has a “I want one!” button to purchase the item, again through Safari.

Across the very bottom are 5 buttons: woot.com, shirt.woot, wine.woot, sellout.woot, & About. The woot.com button shows items from woot.com and woot-offs. Shirt.woot shows their daily t-shirt from shirt.woot.com. Same with wine.woot, the daily wine from wine.woot.com. Sellout.woot shows the item on sellout.woot.com. The about button shows developer information and info about the app.

Another great feature is the badge and sound features. When a new item appears from a woot-off there will be a “new” badge on the first icon and it will make a chime. It will also do this when an item becomes sold out. Last there is a settings page under the iPhone’s Settings Application for WootWatch. It allows you to change the refresh rate, use badges and sounds, and other settings.

Sorry to get this out halfway through a woot-off! Hope you like it and if you’re like me, check it every day! Let us know in the comments what you think and if you bought anything in today’s woot-off!

UPDATE: After using the app throughout the day I’ve noticed a couple of problems. One is the alert noise when there is an updated item during a woot-off. It’s too loud and distorted. The other is the auto refresh refreshes when I’m reading the detailed description and closes the description. It should wait to refresh after I’ve closed the description.


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  1. hey guys

    i’m completely off topic but there’s this incredible free game in the appstore called “JellyCar” ! One of the best free apps I’ve seen so far . and no , I’m not the dev trying to promote it, I swear . lol .

  2. There is another app called WootOn. It allows more customizable notifications, but lacks the flashing light during a Woot off.

  3. this is a little off subject but do u know that your website is worth $147606!!!!!!!

  4. Hey guys, I’m the author of WootWatch. I’m well aware of the problems you mentioned, and I’m going to fix (at least most of) them in the upcoming version 1.5. Thanks for trying out my app and reviewing it.

    I’m thinking of removing the chime when the item is sold out. What do you think? It doesn’t seem to do any good to tell you that you can’t buy something any more… unless that preps you for the next item in the Woot-Off maybe?