WootWatch Update – Adds kids.woot Support

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WootWatch WootWatch, an application that shows you the current item selling on Woot.com, has been update to version 1.5. The update adds a few new features including the integration of kids.woot into the application. Check out the full change log below. Another cool new feature is the ability to rearrange the tabs on the lower menu bar.

1.5 Change Log:
– kids.woot support
– Popups for additional images
– Tabs can be reordered
– “X” button disappears from zoom view, perfect for taking screenshots (Home + Sleep)
– Minor bug fixes and UI tweaks
– Compiled for iPhone 2.2.1 and later, so iPod Touch users who haven’t upgraded to 3.0 can enjoy the latest bug fixes and features
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WootWatch Update

WootWatchThe update promised by the developer has been released and WootWatch works again! Woot.com had changed some code on their site which ’caused the WootWatch app to become inoperable. The developer pushed an emergency update to correct the problem.

WootWatch Fix/Update Coming Soon

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

WootWatchDuring a recent Woot-Off on Woot.com my WootWatch app stopped working. I contacted the developer and got the following response:

Dear WootWatch user,

Yes, the app stopped working on Thursday morning. This started when woot.com made a change to their page that broke WootWatch’s processing logic. In my defense, the change they made was technically a coding error on their part (they inserted a non-permitted XML character), but although that makes me feel better, it doesn’t help you get your daily Woot fix.

I’ve submitted a patch to the App Store that would work around this problem. You’ll see it as version, and it will be available for download as soon as Apple approves the submission.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

– Dave Rahardja

PS: I can’t believe they changed their code in the middle of a Woot-Off. Yikes!

Great News! We’ll let you know when the update is released. If you’ve never heard of Woot or WootWatch, check out this review: WootWatch for Today’s Woot-Off!

WootWatch for Today’s Woot-Off!

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

WootWatchWe’ve wrote about Woot before with the application called Woot Assist but with today’s woot-off I’ve found something better called WootWatch. If you’re not familiar with Woot, they sell one item per day at bargain prices until it’s sold out, then you have to wait until the next day for a new product. Every once in a while they do a woot off where once the item is sold out they do a different one all day long.

WootWatch is very nice. At the top you get a nice image of the item, and if there are two images you can swipe to see the other. Double tapping the image brings it full screen, then just tap the x to go back. Under the title is the item’s title and price. Swipping up on the title brings up the full description full screen. Tap the title again to go back. There is a refresh button in the bottom left, and a W! button in the bottom right that takes you to the full site in Safari. The center has a “I want one!” button to purchase the item, again through Safari. [Read more…]