1. I had the same issue with my Ipod touch after installing this application n faced lot of trouble in restoring the ipod ….lost all my apps n files from ipod…my suggestion do not change any logo’s using such application bcoz logo stays only for few seconds…so for sake of that few seconds don’t risk ur ipod if atall it worked for few peple.

  2. this there is some problem installin this app to FW 3.0. and its not even flashin the image. Hope the creator wil rectify this issue and update it to cydia soon

  3. i’ve installed it to my ipod touch 2g and now my ipod touch doesn’t turn on, reboot, recharge, nor does my computer recognize it. Can i have some assistance here?

  4. Haha Thats what you guys get for jailbreaking.

  5. I want to change my apple logo