Snow Report 1.0

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Snow ReportThe title of this application caught my attention though, I love to ski and snowboard so I might be slightly bias! :) Colorado Snow Report is an application that displays the Colorado Snow Reports. When you first open the app you will only get information for a few resorts. However, if you select View All, you will get a much larger list. You can then select the Edit button in the upper left corner and rearrange the list or delete resorts off the list.

Now, the information the application gives you on the main list is the resort name and the amount of snow they have had in the past 24 hours. If you select a resort you will get a lot more information about the resort such as a live webcam, how much snow they have had in the last 48 hours, the base depth, whether the resort is open or closed, the ability to view a detailed snow report, ability to call the resort and the ability to go to the resorts website!! So very very cool! Also, when on the main list of resorts…the resorts that are darker are the ones that are open.

Overall, it is a very nice application. I would like to see the ability to add more States to the app. But, if you are looking for info about Colorado snow reports…this might just be the app for you. My mom is headed to Colorado soon to do some snowboarding and I know she would love to have this application!!

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  1. (I’m the author) Thanks for the quick review Brook. Glad you like the app, we’re very excited about it. Wanted to let you know that we’re publishing additional states as soon as we can. Since we’re loading all of the resort logos and links to webcams and phone numbers etc, it takes us some time, so we wanted to get CO out there first. But others will follow!

  2. This really is not relevant to anyone living outside your country, and the constant reviews of US centric apps, don’t do you any favours for those who would like a universal approach. I’m glad your election is over, as the constant review of apps relating to that, turned me right off. Please try and do some reviews that meet a world wide audience. Unless you can refer me to one that does.

    • A for instance. Quickgold and Searcher are two apps that people have been screaming for, but gets little fanfare. How about it?

    • Only 4 of the last 75 articles have been targeted at the US and only 1 of the last 75 was a review for the US election.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t there a few “tracking the us election” apps highlighted one after the other? Your choice on what you review, just the rest of the world does enjoy things that relate to us all. Perhaps a link to apps for different countries? Perhaps the election apps could have been bundled and given a separate section. How is a snow report relevant to me and anyone else who lives on the other side of the world? Anyway, found ModMyi site. Just trying to give a perspective from a universal point of view. No offence, but not everyone is in love with the US, I’m afraid to tell you.

  3. The elections apps were bundled.

  4. confusionisbad says

    I am not able to get this to work on my freshly QuickPwn’d phone. It just crashes for me. Are there any dependent apps that are needed to be installed first?

  5. wolfcreekhereicome says

    Is this app going to be available in the app store anytime soon? I had a jailbroke phone before fw2.0 but currently do not have one. May have to try it out again for this app (along with some others I have been seeing)