New WinterBoard Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There are a few interesting new themes in Cydia. All of the themes below are available via the BigBoss source and are activated using WinterBoard. Both the Sleek and the Grounded themes install more than one wallpaper to go with the theme…which you can choose via WinterBoard as well. Below are screenshots of all six themes.

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  1. Anyone else try the Hook-it-up ipod theme?

  2. sorry. wrong place to comment but you guys know what i mean.

  3. All these themes are from – some of which have already been updated and have a ton of extra icons for each.

  4. just installed the smoog theme and looks great.

  5. DJContagious says

    wow, those themes ROCK!!!
    any idea which one of them holds the most icons?

  6. I agree with Mat…Smoog is a great looking theme….

  7. My favorite themes are still Lea, and Beijing Masks.
    Lea was updated, and the glitches fixed, but the little spirals on the wallpaper were removed. I wish they would come back.

  8. Cannot find square2, sleek2 and smoog2 from BigBoss packages. Any help?

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