Tweetsville 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $3.99  

TweetsvilleTweetsville is another Twitter app from the developers of Twinkle. Some have asked why create another Twitter app instead of add features to Twinkle. If you don’t already know, Twinkle isn’t just a Twitter client. It is it’s own messaging system built on Tapulous’ system. It also requires a Tapulous login where Tweetsville doesn’t. Tweetsville also costs $3.99 and Twinkle is free. Tweetsville seems to be built for exactly what users were asking for in a Twitter client.

It has pretty much every feature you can think of: timeline includes your and your friend’s tweets, replies, direct messages, search, trends, favorites, & history. The only feature not out in the open is a nearby feature. You can do this by doing an advanced search and setting the distance but it’s not it’s own tab like Twinkle. Right now there are only two designs, Balloons and Simple. Simple allows for more tweets to fit on the screen. I was getting some crashes on the Timeline tab when I would scroll down and icons would try to load. We had this same problem with Twinkle when it first came out. The more I’ve use Tweetsville the less it’s crashed. I’ve had no problems anywhere else in the app.

Recent Twitter for Tweetsville:


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  1. does it run in the background?

  2. You can always use backgrounder so that it can work in the background…