WinterBoard Theme – Flashing Christmas Lights

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Flashing Christmas Lights is an interesting theme. It adds a string of Christmas lights around your icons. It does not mod your icons so, you are basically supposed to use it in conjunction with another theme. The string of lights will randomly flash in different patterns. In order for the theme to look exactly right, you will want to enable the Transparent Dock via WinterBoard. The theme seems to work very nicely, I did not have any issues with glitching. Though, I would image that it might drain your battery a little faster than normal.

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  1. Someone needs to update a “few” app store apps. :-p

    • DJContagious says

      what Apps did you want to see reviewed?
      e-mail them to me at: djcontagiouscypresshillz[AT]gmail[DOT]com

    • No no … I was just commenting on the 24 pending updates on the screen shot. ;-)

    • Yeah, I’m waiting to upgrade to 2.2….they brought back the Update All option!!! I hate doing them one at a time…it takes WAY too long!

  2. mark boyce says

    what theme are you using for your icons/

  3. Jamie Walsh says

    Did a search on Cydia and it isn’t there anymore…..

  4. Links to download Smoog here.

  5. what theme are you using for your icons

  6. how you removed the dock on your smoog theme ?? …. the dock is a fragment of the background ?? because i cant remove it with transparent dock :( !

  7. A little trick to know is that if you put a mod ABOVE another one the top one will over take the other. So for example to make the transparent dock work just put it ABOVE the theme in Winterboard. :)

  8. it doesn’t work on ios 4.0.1


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